Review: Gotham (S2 E7/22), Monday 22nd February, Channel 5

15496e85d4ceeba8a663fa55206cTheo Galavan’s villainy is finally exposed in this episode – it’s taken a long time, and when it’s been so obvious to the viewer, it’s been a painful period. At last Jim knows the truth as well as Penguin does, and we can get on with a little mayhem.
If nothing else, Penguin’s seemingly random actions should have tipped off Jim that something else was brewing; but of course it takes the death of Gertrude to free Penguin from all human connections and turn him into a completely ruthless monster able to take on Galavan.

Butch, freed from his conditioning, betrays both Penguin and Galavan, and reveals to Jim and Bullock what’s been happening. Victor Zsasz and his crew are seemingly easily discouraged by a little bit of machine-gun fire.

Selina, having lost her friend Bridget, turns to Bruce for help, but confronts Silver, and gets kicked out. Bruce is still in thrall to Silver, and hence Galavan, whose plans to take Waynecorp proceed. The Bruce/Selina/Silver St Cloud love triangle, gucky though it is, at least gives Bruce an opportunity to learn more about human nature.

Meanwhile Ed Nygma has finally come to terms with his murderous alter ego, who has hidden the body of Kris Kringle; in a well-executed scene where the two personalities merge, The Riddler is really born.

The big set-piece, though, sees Galavan luring Penguin into the open at his inauguration ball. Tabitha is set with a sniper rifle, and executes a cop with a nasty heel jab; but Penguin’s army of lookalikes make her task impossible, while reminding us of the horde of penguin soldiers in Batman Returns.

While Penguin doesn’t make the kill, with Galavan’s villainy in the open, Jim insists that he’s still going to clean up Gotham, but now he’s starting with Galavan.

So we’re set for a big showdown, Gordon vs Galavan vs Penguin; and though we know how it has to come out, it will be interesting to see how much further Galavan can get with his plans before he gets what’s coming to him – and who will deliver the killing blow?

Chris Jenkins

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