Season two transmission date for Bosch confirmed by Amazon Prime

boschWe all know that the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime are changing the way we consume our televisual media, and both these main two online on-demand service are producing some good stuff. The latter – Amazon Prime – is now the first-watch home of Ripper Street, and also an original drama, Bosch, which debuted its first series last year and went down a treat. Now the service has announced when series two is hitting our screens.

Expanding upon the successful novels by Michael Connelly, Bosch introduces viewers to the roguish Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) – a detective who lives by his own code (yes, another one). Often, it’s this code that puts Bosch in direct conflict (professionally and personally) with those around him. As a result, this creates a constant tension that follows Harry throughout the course of the season as he works to solve a dark and layered mystery.

This tension highlights the fine line Bosch walks as he attempts to be a decent father, a civil ex-husband, and a good detective. The series interweaves LA as an iconic visual character throughout each episode and combines the realistic elements of classic crime and film noir to create a cinematic environment. In series two, the show explores aspects of Bosch’s character that series one touched on.

Because of his lone-wolf nature, series two finds Bosch on a path of rediscovery. With his career in question, he is closer with his daughter but removed from his former life. This all changes when a new murder calls him back into action, challenging him to juggle the many facets of his life again. In the face of a new case, who is Bosch now as a detective? An ex-husband? A father? In this season, customers are given a closer and deeper look at the ‘man behind the badge’.

Catch series two of Bosch on Amazon Prime from 11th March.

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  1. Mike Sargent says:

    I’ve read all the Bosch books and thought season one was as good a series as could have been hoped for. Titus Welliver was excellent. I’m really looking forward to season two.


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