New clip: Granchester, series two

grantchester_2Yes, the genteel series based on James Runcie’s novels set in bucolic, 1950s Cambridgeshire is back for its second series this week. Once again James Norton (who we see a day earlier in evil mode in Happy Valley) returns as good-natured, crime-solving vicar, Sidney Chambers, and Robson Green’s old-school copper, DI Geordie Keating. Together they form an unlikely duo, but an effective one. There’s a clip after the jump.

Let’s just have a little look at what’s coming up, which is actually darker than the first. It’s 1954, and just outside the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester, local vicar Sidney is enjoying a glorious picnic with his best friend, Geordie, Geordie’s family, Sidney’s shy curate Leonard Finch and their grumpy housekeeper Mrs Maguire. Walking home, their happy day is cut short when DC Phil Wilkinson arrests Sidney – and the charge is sexual assault.

And so, here’s a clip, featuring James Norton and Robson Green in their swimming trunks. Yes, it’s all go in Grantchester.

Grantchester, series 2: Wednesday 2nd March, 9pm, ITV

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