EXCLUSIVE Interview: Marnie Dickens, Thirteen

1226717_Marnie-DickensI was wowed by the opening episode of Thirteen last week and I really wanted to talk to writer, Marnie Dickens, about the project. It was such an emotional, interesting, tense and multi-layered drama that I wanted to ask her about how she constructed it all, and, of course, about the central character – Ivy Moxam – who emerged from the tiny room she had been kept in for 13 years against her will into a much-changed world. I enjoy talking to writers – you can really dig into a subject and they’re always interesting – and it was a real treat to talk to Marnie, one of this country’s rising stars. Over the jump she talks about Ivy, the show and some really interesting behind-the-scenes writer stuff about process and getting a story from page to screen. Continue reading EXCLUSIVE Interview: Marnie Dickens, Thirteen