The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 7th – Sunday 13th March)

Programme Name: Trapped - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 1) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Andri (ÓLAFUR DARRI ÓLAFFSON) - (C) RVK Studios - Photographer: Unkown
(C) RVK Studios 

And so this week – next Saturday – we bid farewell to Trapped, the superb Icelandic crime drama that has captured so many people’s imaginations. It has been truly fantastic. But there’s need to weep too convulsively – there’s still a lot on to enjoy. There’s a sensational, fifth episode of Happy Valley, more tension in Thirteen and a flashy, twist-turny new US series called Quantico over on Alibi.

    Andri finds himself in possession of a definitive clue to the identity of the killer, having finally unlocked Hrafn’s shed. However, the evidence in question points to an unexpected suspect, and revealing the truth could send shockwaves through the town, leaving the police chief with a difficult decision to make. Farewell Trapped!
    Saturday 12th March, 9pm, BBC4

Daniel suspects somebody at school might be responsible for Ryan’s new-found interest in Tommy, and tries to explain that he wasn’t really a dad to him, while, despite Sean protesting his innocence, Jodie and John receive permission to charge him with all of the murders.
Tuesday 8th March, 9pm, BBC1

As the police start to make breakthroughs in their investigation, Ivy turns to her sister Emma, who seizes the chance to connect with her. But they are interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious letter addressed to ‘Alison’ – White’s name for Ivy. DI Carne reaches out to Ivy, desperate to find a window into Ivy’s mind, but when she refuses to cooperate he is forced to take drastic measures in search of the truth. Meanwhile, with doubts building over Ivy’s story, DS Merchant returns to Mark White’s house and makes a shocking discovery.
Sunday 13th March, From 12pm, BBC3
Episode two on BBC2 at 10pm

Hellraising aristocrat Dominic Cotteral is cited in social media of involvement in the mysterious disappearance of his lover, American philanthropist Arla Beckman. DCI Mirella Goss is sceptical, but as she takes up the case and starts to piece together the fragments of the protagonists’ lives, she wonders if the accusations warrant some merit. Meanwhile, Dominic is compelled to seek the support of his father Greville, who has turned to his lawyers, appalled that his son is once again responsible for dragging the family name through the mud.
Thursday 10th March, 9pm, BBC2

5. Grantchester *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Geordie calls on Sidney for help as he investigates the apparent suicide of a Cambridge lecturer, who was found dead after falling from the spire of King’s College Chapel. His wife and his star pupil, who used to partake in daredevil climbs of the college buildings alongside his mentor, are convinced he was too happy and content for it to be suicide. It appears to be a case of night climbing misadventure, until a student witness comes forward, leading Sidney and Geordie into a world of espionage and secrets.
Wednesday 9th March, 9pm, ITV

6. The People v OJ Simpson: An American Crime Story *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Prosecutor Marcia Clark faces negative feedback, while differing goals divide the defence team as preliminary hearings and an arduous jury selection get underway. Proceedings are almost derailed by the revelations in Faye Resnick’s lurid biography Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted, but the victims get little attention in the courtroom circus surrounding the murders.
Monday 7th March, 9pm, BBC2

7. Murdoch Mysteries *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A childhood friend from wilderness camp alerts Murdoch to imminent danger, and the pair travel to Algonquin Park to investigate a 30-year-old murder.
Monday 7th March, 9pm, Alibi

Recruits arrive at the FBI training base in Virginia, but one of them turns out to be a sleeper agent responsible for the most devastating terrorist attack on US soil since 9/11. The opening episode begins in the ruins of New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, and flashes back and forth between the hidden pasts of the rookies and their experiences in the present on their 20-week training course.
Thursday 10th March, 9pm, Alibi

9. Stan Lee’s Lucky Man *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*A murder affects Harry personally as London’s dark forces close further in on him and his family. Refusing to sit on the sidelines while Suri and Orwell bring in their one and only suspect, the detective takes matters into his own hands when he interferes with the case, breaks the rules and invokes the bracelet’s powers. Tired of his secrets and his strange behaviour, Suri makes a decision that could ruin Harry’s career.
Friday 11th March, 9pm, Sky1

10. Gotham 
With Theo Galavan under arrest, his sister Tabitha contacts a secret conclave of the best assassins Gotham has to offer to arrange a hit on Gordon. Meanwhile, GCPD forensic specialist Edward Nygma boasts to Oswald Cobblepot that he has started murdering people and asks for advice on being a serial killer.
Monday 7th March, 10pm, Channel 5


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim higgins says:

    Hi guys!,
    The Killing Times has been my one and only resource to TV for quite some time. I have watched and loved the most talked about. I have to say Shetland, Hinterland, The Killing, Broadchurch have remained big favorites. Does the site have a list of all the best crime drama…noir series (long and short). It’s getting increasingly hard to find new things to watch. I loved Trapped even though my poor eye site makes subtitles a bit challenging but they don’t scare me away. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Hi Tim. Thanks so much for the kind words! We’ll continue to try and point you in the right direction of all the good new stuff. In fact, as soon as the Olympics finishes there are, off the top of my head, three brand new things very worthy of your consideration. In the meantime we’ll continue to post ‘The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week’ so hopefully you’ll find some good things to watch from those lists.


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