Spiral’s Audrey Fleurot joins season two of Witnesses

XVMe038882a-d0b3-11e5-a404-91b19219e4e7French crime drama, Witnesses, was one of our favourite dramas of 2015 (see our appraisal here). It was the Normandy-set story of two police officers – one brought out of retirement, the other his protegé from police college – who tried to find the Clown Killer, a perpetrator of some grotesque crimes. It was engrossing, twisty-turny and turned out to be a multi-layered procedural that paid homage to all your favourite Scandi noirs. With filming set to start in the coming weeks in northern France, we’ve got our first sniff at the plotlines and one major piece of casting news.

One of the aforementioned police people was Sandra Winckler (Marie Dompnier), a compelling new lead female police character (she reminded us a little bit of Sarah Lund). Her relationship with her old instructor Paul Maisonneauve (Thierry Lhermitte) was the crux of the show, so it’s surprising to find that series of two of the show sees Lhermitte absent.

In his place comes Spiral actress Audrey Fleurot (who plays Joséphine Karlsson in that show), to play, according to French website Téléstar, Sandra’s new partner Catherine Keemer. Series one’s opening of a tableaux of recently exhumed corpses arranged in show home to resemble the perfect family was a winner. So what’s in store for this series?

How’s this for a follow-up hook?

Fifteen men are found frozen and quietly sitting in a bus on a road near the North Sea on the first day of spring. Catherine Keemer, it turns out, is an amnesiac who has had a past love affair with each of the victims!

I think we’re a little bit in love with it already.

Thanks to our friends over at scanoir.co.uk for alerting us to the story

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