Harry Bosch: How familiar faces help to make it one of the best cop shows on TV

97b9481e8ac54697c64b4a0118a388e4As per the update last week (read that here), the second series of Bosch is available to stream on Amazon Prime now. It’s an entertaining US LA-based procedural which brings to life Michael Connelly’s cranky cop character, and along with Hand Of God (and free delivery on the things I’ll accidentally buy when I’ve had a few drinks) it’s the main reason for my Amazon Prime subscription.

While Bosch is a really enjoyable series, we’re not really talking The Wire territory here. However, there are so many familiar faces in Bosch that it’s hard not mix fiction with fiction.

Starting with The Wire, hard-ass gang leader Marlo (Jamie Hector) has switched sides in Bosch and is now an impeccably attired partner to the grizzly, I-don’t-play-by-the-rules Detective Harry Bosch, which takes a little getting used to. Fortunately, Hector is down with the re-up, and gone are those days where he ain’t no suit-wearing businessman.

Another very recognisable face from Baltimore’s finest is the ever-reliable Lance Reddick, who plays an ambitious, piano-playing police captain doing deals with all sorts of local politicians to keep Harry in a job, procure more resources for his department and mainly make himself Chief of Police. Sure, they’ve changed his name from Cedrick Daniels to Irv Irving, but he’s essentially a combination of all the political police types from The Wire.

Bunk and McNulty wouldn’t look out of place sharing the jokes and the donuts with Johnson (Troy Evans) and Moore (Gregory Scott Cummins) in Bosch’s precinct – but of course that won’t happen as Bunk is a Suits lawyer in New York now (where no one would dare cut off his tie) and McNulty’s having an Affair with Alice Morgan from Luther.

There’s a weird 24 connection in Bosch, with both Annie Wesching (24’s Renee Walker) starring in series one, and Sarah Clarke (24’s Nina Myers) playing Bosch’s ex-wife across both seasons. They’re the only women to my knowledge who can claim to have slept with both Jack Bauer and Harry Bosch. Quite the claim to fame. Also, Bosch’s police nemesis in season one, Captain Pounds, is played by Joe Stevens who in season seven of 24 was forced to resign as Secretary of State after trying to get the president fired. In the first series of Bosch he’s trying to get him fired too, and well, let’s just say in Harry’s world Pounds is a right pane.

Madison Lintz plays Bosch’s FaceTime-happy daughter, who we know after the zombie apocalypse dramatically turns up in Bosch season one guest star Scott Wilson’s barn in dramatic circumstances in The Walking Dead. And as well as all these folks there are also familiar faces in the form of Brent Sexton (Justified, The Killing US and Life), Jason Gedrick (Luck and Dexter), and of course Bosch himself (Titus Welliver) who looks suspiciously like the guy who we’ve seen in Suits, The Good Wife and Sons Of Anarchy not so long ago.

Sure, it’s natural for a crime drama to have have some familiar faces in it. From a production point of view you can see why they would choose an experienced cast and as a viewer it’s always fun to play that “oh, what was he/she in?” game, but in Bosch it just feels like practically everyone is recognisable from something else. Perhaps it’s all of the familiar on-screen crime drama talent that makes Bosch so enjoyable.

David Barnsby

Bosch is available on Amazon Prime now


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  1. Mike Sargent says:

    Yes there are many familiar faces, but it is still a thoroughly absorbing well acted engaging and exciting series. Episode one of Season 2 starts with an overview of Season 1, which if you haven’t seen it you really should watch first.


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