Review: Gotham (S2 E11/22), Monday 22nd March, Channel 5

GOTHAM: L-R: Ben McKenzie and Sean Pertwee in the “Rise of the Villains: Worse Than A Crime” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, Nov. 30 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Nicole Rivelli/ FOX

(c) Nicole Rivelli/ FOX

This is the climax we’ve been building up to, the (US pre-Christmas) mid-season finale, marking an end to the Theo Galavan plot, and the start of something new. Can the episode live up to expectations?

Well, no. Not that it was a complete bust, but with much of the action potential wasted on a rather anti-climactic encounter with the monks of the Order of St Dumas, all that really remains is to sort out Galavan. And after all, he’s only a man.
Jim has been saved from Galavan’s goons by Oswald and Ed, but is now a fugutive. Lee finds out where he is from Ed, and tries to get him to turn himself in. While Lee’s sole function now seems to be to give Jim good advice, which he ignores, she has a particularly compelling argument now, as she announces she’s pregnant.  
Of course, both Oswald and Jim still want to bring down Galavan, and save Bruce Wayne; they recruit Alfred, Bullock, Selina Kyle and Lucius Fox to help, and together they do away with the suddenly rather ineffectual Monks.
Tabitha and Silver escape, leaving Galavan behind; he has no further tricks up his sleeve, and Oswald convinces Jim that Galavan will never be convicted, and has to die.
But does Jim really have to shoot him? All he would have to do is to turn a blind eye and let Oswald do the dirty work. Though Jim has killed in questionable circumstances before, this execution smacks of a complete moral collapse, and one we didn’t expect from Gordon. It leaves a bad taste, particularly when he follows it up shortly after by proposing to Lee.
Galavan’s battered corpse ends up in Indian Hill, to be experimented on by Dr Hugo Strange; when will we see the fruits of his experiments? The prospect of another gang of Maniax, this time surgically engineered, isn’t a particularly appealing one, but it seems destined to come.
But there is one more prospect to savour; a teaser scene of a techno-villain armed with a cryogenic weapon, evidently the Mr Freeze of Batman mythology. How soon before we see him in action and find out how he will bring terror to Gotham?
We have a couple more unresolved threads. Will Silver St Cloud remain in Bruce’s life now the puppet-master Galavan has gone? Or has she been entirely discredited? Will Tabitha evolve into her own person, rather than just an adjunct to Galavan?  How will Jim get back into favour with GCPD? Will Lee’s pregnancy mean she has to take even more of a back seat? (though we confidently predict that she’ll be kidnapped at least once in the remainder of the season).
Finally, is that it for the Order of St Dumas? If their entire story arc is now concluded, Gotham will have difficulty building up a head of steam for the remainder of the season. And we doubt whether Mr Freeze alone will be enough to chill the blood.
Chris Jenkins
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