The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 28th March – Sunday 3rd April)

MaigretWe’re slap-bang in the middle of the Easter weekend, so take a pause and a breath and bathe in that idea of rejuvenation… because this coming week is just a busy as ever. The first of Rowan Atkinson’s Maigret films airs out tomorrow night (Monday), while Line Of Duty continues apace on Thursday (and what a pace!). Elsewhere, one of the more underrated and undervalued procedurals – Longmire – is back on one of the Channel 5 channels and there’s the follow-up to Murdered By My Boyfriend on BBC3. Enjoy!

    Rowan Atkinson stars as the Parisian detective in the first of a new occasional run of dramas based on the novels of Georges Simenon. The summer of 1955 finds Paris in the grip of both sweltering heat and terror on the streets. Four women have been murdered in Montmartre, with no apparent connection between the victims. Chief Inspector Maigret comes under huge pressure from the public and his superiors to apprehend the killer before he can strike again.
    Monday 28th March, 9pm, ITV

The shooting at the drugs house intensifies the scrutiny on Danny Waldron’s armed-response unit, who once again close ranks. But with Kate Fleming on the inside, AC-12 feed in new information that helps her expose cracks in the team’s story, while Steve Arnott looks deeper into the suspect sergeant’s background and makes a shocking discovery. However, the anti-corruption cop’s life is complicated by an investigation into his own past conduct.
Thursday 31st March, 9pm, BBC2

3. Murdered By My Father
As a widowed father, Shahzad (Adeel Akhtar) has been trying to keep his two kids on track, but Salma (Kiran Sonia Sawar) is growing up quickly. To fulfil a promise he made his wife and what he considers his duty as a single dad, Shahzad wants to make sure his daughter is set up with the right man to marry. But as Salma’s planned engagement to Haroon (Salman Akhtar) approaches, unbeknown to her father and younger brother she becomes increasingly involved in a whirlwind romance with charismatic charmer Imi (Mawaan Rizwan), who urges Salma to leave her family roots and marriage arrangements behind to embrace a new life together. Salma knows Imi is not what her dad is expecting and soon finds herself caught in a tense conflict between two generations with differing values. Struggling to control her burgeoning teenage wish for freedom, Shahzad is confronted by Haroon and driven to despair, believing Salma’s actions have caused irreparable damage to his family’s reputation – their ‘honour’. The bonds that unite father and daughter are shattered, leading to a startling climax and more than one tragic ending in this heart-breaking story.
Tuesday 29th March, BBC3

4. Follow The Money *UK PREMIERE EPISODES*
Mia is approached by a whistleblower, and focuses her efforts on finding out the truth about Energreen. In response, Sander and Mr Christiansen enlist Claudia to detail Mia’s investigations. Mads and Alf follow a lead to an Energreen research facility in Poland, giving Mads a chance to escape his hectic private life, and Jan introduces Nicky and Bimse to Erik, their new accountant.
Saturday 2nd April, 9pm, BBC4

The discovery of a body in the river sends waves through the team. Although the evidence points to suicide, Walt suspects that the dangerous Jacob Nighthorse may be involved, but his crusade to gather proof spins out of control. Meanwhile, the team struggles with the consequences of Branch’s confrontation with Barlow.
Friday 1st April, 9pm, Five USA

Julian Rhind-Tutt dons the wig and white bands as the new Rumpole as the drama returns to BBC Radio 4. After waking up with a raging tooth-ache, Rumpole finds himself in no mood to listen to his boring client, Reginald Tring, who’s accused of the manslaughter of his wife. As Reginald drones on with his mind-numbing evidence, Rumpole suffers throughout the trial, and argues even more angrily than usual with Mr Justice Gwent-Evans. When Rumpole accuses the judge of deliberately misleading the jury, Gwent-Evans warns him in no uncertain terms about his future conduct. Rumpole finds himself on trial with the end of his career in sight. But, luckily for Horace, he has Phillida on his side. She goes searching for the truth, and galvanises not only Rumpole’s defending counsel, Soapy Sam Ballard QC, but also Rumpole’s wife.
Monday 28th March, 2.15pm, BBC Radio 4

7. The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
As far-fetched speculations and conspiracy theories distract from the actual facts of the case, detectives work closely with the prosecutors to find flashier evidence for the jury, while Robert Shapiro triggers divisions in the defence team, upsetting their client in the process.
Monday 28th March, 9pm, BBC2

8. Grantchester *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
As Gary Bell waits for news about whether he will be offered a reprieve, Geordie and Phil discover a reason to arrest Eddie Jones, a violent husband who beats his wife. However, when Sidney arrives at the station the following morning, he finds Geordie with his knuckles bruised and Eddie dead on a stretcher. Chief Inspector Benson questions his innocence, and although the vicar leaps to his friend’s defence, no one can verify his whereabouts when Eddie was killed. At the vicarage, a remark about Mrs Maguire’s love life and the accidental loss of some sentimental postcards leave the housekeeper and Leonard feeling raw and misunderstood.
Wednesday 30th March, ITV, 9pm

9. Murdoch Mysteries *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
An Arctic explorer arrives in town and starts acting strangely, and Murdoch suspects he is hiding information about the death of one of his crewmen.
Monday 28th March, 9pm, Alibi

10. Agatha Christie’s Marple
Geraldine McEwan makes her last appearance as the spinster sleuth before handing over the knitting needles to Julia McKenzie. Following the death of old acquaintance Mr Rafiel, Miss Marple receives instructions drawn up prior to his demise asking her to embark on a coach tour to investigate an unspecified possible crime. It soon transpires that many of her companions are also travelling at his invitation and they are all in some way connected to a girl who went missing from a nun’s sanctuary during World War Two, supposedly to be with her German lover, Rafiel’s son Michael.
Friday 1st April, 8pm, ITV3


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  1. John Gravatt says:

    The Longmire series starting on Friday in the UK is not a UK premiere. TCM has shown series 4 already.Brilliant series. Waiting for Series 5.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Thanks for the correction John!


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