ITV confirms Scott & Bailey transmission date

Scott___BaileySally Wainwright – one of our premiere writing talents – started a bit of a monster in 2011 when she unleashed the excellent crime-solving duo Scott & Bailey (starring Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharpe) on us. Four series later it’s still going strong, and the show’s home network, ITV, today announced that it  will be returning for a fifth series. When? Read on after the jump!

Before the transmission date reveal, this three-part series of Scott & Bailey offers something a bit different: instead of one story per episode, one story will arc across the whole three episodes.

Here’s what we’ve got to look for to:

With D.C.I. Gill Murray in retirement, ever-ambitious Rachel (Suranne Jones) returns from her Vice secondment fired up and full of new ideas and initiatives. She’s gained valuable experience and really wants to make her mark as she returns to Syndicate 9’s Murder Squad.

Exhilarated to step up to the plate, Rachel is exactly who Janet (Lesley Sharp) and the Squad need to move forward with a terrifying and sinister Internet crime investigation of epic scale and unrelenting horror.

Using her Vice authorisation, Rachel accesses a disturbing world where people brag about committing murder and lay down the gauntlet for the next victim.  A game of ruthless life or death daring develops, as Scott & Bailey investigate multiple killers with horrifying and everlasting consequences. They will be changed forever and the investigation will take a devastating toll on their professional lives.

Scott & Bailey: Wednesday 13th April, 9pm, ITV

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