MIPTV report: What’s new from Scandinavia and the Nordic countries?


1227053_SpringTideAttach the words Scandinavia and Nordic to any crime drama and you know it’ll be snapped up by a British broadcaster sooner rather than later. When it comes to Scandinavian and Nordic crime dramas, all eyes are currently on the annual MIPTV in Cannes – the gathering that brings the world’s most successful distributors, buyers and producers to strike distribution and co-production deals, attend high-level conferences and network with the global entertainment industry – because production companies are hawking their wears. It’s not just Nordic Noir over there though – there’s other genres of drama, comedy, documentary… you name it, it’s there and it’s being viewed and talked about. But, y’know, this is a crime drama blog so, naturally, the focus is on crime drama and, specifically, Nordic Noir. Why? Because there’s a lot of it about at the moment and there are loads of really interesting new series that will potentially make their way to these shores.  Continue reading