Hans Rosenfeldt: The Bridge’s fourth season will be its last

Programme Name: The Bridge - TX: 19/12/2015 - Episode: The Bridge - series 3 - ep 9 (No. 9) - Picture Shows: *Please credit photographer: Carolina Romare Saga Norén (SOFIA HELIN) - (C) Filmlance International AB - Photographer: Carolina Romare
(C) Filmlance International AB – Photographer: Carolina Romare

Last month we carried a story that quoted Hans Rosenfeldt, saying that a fourth series of The Bridge would indeed be forthcoming (see that story here). For such a big show within the crime drama community, it was a curiously under-the-radar moment, and even though we carried the story there was no confirmation from the show’s native broadcasters, SVT and DR. Now Rosenfeldt is at it again – not only saying there will be a fourth series, but that series will be the last in Saga’s, well, saga.

Rosenfeldt was speaking to The Guardian during promotional duties for his new ITV show, Marcella, which stars Anna Friel and signifies the Swede’s first ever English-language drama.

He told The Guardian:

I think there will be a fourth one but that will be the last one. We have a storyline. It’s a different place where they start, a very different place. Hopefully there is a fourth series coming now; I’d be very surprised if they say no.

And, on Kim Bodnia’s absence:

We parted as friends, he just didn’t want to do what we wanted to do. We wanted him out [of prison] and he wanted to stay in and that was very hard for us. He said fine, you do what you want but you have to do it without me.

There’s nothing saying he can’t come back if the story requires it, if we think something really good can come out of him coming back. We have proved the show is doing well without him. He’s not dead – he’s still in prison – but it can’t be for nostalgia, it has to be that we really think that it benefits the show.”

We had already decided the third series should be more about Saga but we had to rethink a lot of things which was really good for the show as it turned out.

In the original scripts Hans didn’t die, it was Martin’s boss, Lillian. When Martin wasn’t in it, there was no reason to kill her and it worked better with Hans killed off instead. He wasn’t really happy about that.

So a couple of nice little nuggets in that, while also confirming the likelihood of that fourth series. There’s still no confirmation from SVT/DR, but another article with the showrunner more or less confirming things seems to be as near-as-dammit as you can can get to a stone-cold confirmation.

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