The BBC releases details from season four of Sherlock



Today the BBC released the first details from the fourth series of Sherlock, which will (likely) premiere on its flagship channel, BBC1, on New Year’s Day 2017. (I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – 2017 is shaping up to be quite a year for crime drama fans.) The wheels of the promotional machines have gently started whirr once again, so here are the details so far…

In a statement, the BBC said:

Sherlock will return to screens with three brand-new episodes promising laughter, tears, shocks, surprises and extraordinary cases…

Series four begins with the nation’s favourite detective, the mercurial Sherlock Holmes, back once more on British soil, as Doctor Watson and his wife, Mary, prepare for their biggest ever challenge – becoming parents for the first time.

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss: “Sherlock series four – here we go again! Whatever else we do, wherever we all go, all roads lead back to Baker Street – and it always feels like coming home. Ghosts of the past are rising in the lives of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson bringing adventure, romance and terror in their wake. This is the story we’ve been telling from the beginning. A story about to reach its climax…”

This year’s New Year’s Day special, which attracted over a whopping 11million viewers, was a bit of a treat, partly set as it was in the Victorian era. But then it went all mind palacy and revealed itself to be an adventure set exclusively within Sherlock’s drug-addled head.

The hope is that the fourth series – which comprises three episodes – will settle down a bit, although the line “a story about to reach its climax” could mean anything. Could the cryptic line mean that it’s almost time to bid farewell to this incarnation of Conan Doyle’s enduring character for good? Or does it mean it’ll tie things up and clear the slate for more adventures (bye bye Moriarty?).

Whatever, we know – thanks to Amanda Abbington’s tweet – that the process has begun. Or, as Mark Gatiss says: the game is afoot. Again.

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