Daniel Cole’s Ragdoll to be adapted for TV


Daniel Cole is a name well-worth making a note of because even though his debut novel, Ragdoll, won’t be released in the UK until January 2017 (by Trapeze), the rights to it have already been snapped up by the same production company who made ITV hit The Durrells. All this from a novel that won’t be released for over six months. That’s good going.

Cole is a former paramedic who has received a three-book publishing deal as well as a TV deal for his debut crime series.

He told The Guardian:

It’s a bit overwhelming. I’ve got a nice pile of rejection letters at home. Very disheartening. But I really wanted to do it, so just kept going.

So what’s Ragdoll, and his series, all about?

The Bookseller reports:

The series will introduce readers to “controversial” detective Nathan Wolfe, reinstated to the Met Police after months of psychological assessment following accusations of a shocking assault. In the first in the series, Ragdoll, Wolfe is called to a crime scene by former partner, Detective Emily Baxter, who leads him to a career-defining cadaver: the dismembered parts of six victims stitched together like a puppet – a corpse that will become known in the press as the ‘ragdoll’. With six victims to identify, the stakes are raised when Wolfe’s ex-wife, reporter Andrea Hall, is anonymously sent photographs from the crime scene along with a list of six names – and the dates on which the ‘Ragdoll Killer’ intends to murder them. The final name on the list is Wolfe’s.

Just prior to this, TV rights were snapped after fierce competition by Sid Gentle whose new drama adaptation of The Durrells has just aired on ITV to critical acclaim.

It’s obviously very early days in the process, but Daniel Cole is obviously a name to look out for. More news as we get it…



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