The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 11th – Sunday 17th April)

scott_and_baileyWe’re back to full throttle this week, with no less than three new series starting up, which, allied to what’s already out there, gives us crime drama options every night of the week. Which is great for our appetite, but not so great for our social lives. Look out, then, for brand Scott & Bailey, The Tunnel and Harlan Coben’s The Five. Lots!

Steve Arnott approaches a retired vice chief to find out if the allegations he has heard were ever investigated. However, the one-time detective is a close friend of Hastings, who not only puts a block on any questioning but also begins to doubt the integrity of his apprentice. Meanwhile, evidence from PC Hari Bains leads AC-12 to believe they are once again witnessing the work of `the Caddy’ – a corrupt cop acting as a fixer for organised crime.
Thursday 14th April, 9pm, BBC2

The Gibson family are in a state of panic when Grace is discovered missing, and Marcella tries to make sense of the previous evening’s events, scouring CCTV footage in an attempt to discover more about her disappearance. Cara returns home from her latest job, in which she has stolen a watch, some earrings and a bracelet, but is unaware of their significance and the danger she’s put herself in, with all of the items recognisable as trophies taken by the Grove Park Killer.
Monday 11th April, 9pm, ITV

Rachel steps up to acting DI on a case that becomes bigger and more sinister than it first seemed. Meanwhile, Janet is glad of Rachel’s return, having not known how much she was going to need her friend.
Wednesday 13th April, 9pm, ITV

4 The Tunnel: Sabotage *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy are back in this British Bridge remake, although this second series strays away from its inspiration. When a couple are abducted from the Channel Tunnel, leaving their traumatised young daughter behind, French investigator Elise Wasserman and British detective Karl Roebuck are reunited as they solve the new case. However, they find themselves with bigger questions to answer after a plane carrying British and French passengers crashes into the Channel, killing everyone on board. Return of the crime thriller.
Tuesday 13th April, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Drama created by best-selling thriller writer Harlan Coben, following four lifelong friends who are forced to revisit a tragedy from their past.
Friday 15th April, 9pm, Sky1

A guilt-ridden Alf wallows in self-pity over Mia, but is forced to snap out of his torpor when Mads makes an amazing discovery. Not only does Energreen have major accounting discrepancies, its coffers are also empty, and the pair plan to use this information to their advantage. Meanwhile, Claudia makes the same conclusion, but Sander insists on continuing his dangerous game, and sets in motion a plot to derail the fraud squad’s plans.
Saturday 16th April, 9pm, BBC4

7 Murdoch Mysteries *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Murdoch investigates the death of an elderly groom and Crabtree meets Lucy Maud Montgomery at a writing class.
Monday 11th April, 9pm, Alibi

8 Prime Suspect
Series four. Jane Tennison revisits Southampton Row to investigate a child’s abduction and focuses her inquiries on a known sex offender recently released from custody. Delving into his background, she unwittingly provokes a hostage crisis and finds herself racing against time to avoid a tragedy.
Monday 11th April, 10pm, ITV3

9 The Murder Room
The first of a two-part drama by PD James. Love and hate form the basis of a case involving a family at war and a murder that appears to mimic the crimes displayed in a chilling private exhibition dedicated to gruesome real-life killings. Martin Shaw stars as Commander Adam Dalgliesh.
Tuesday 12th April, 8pm, Drama

Gordon has Nora Fries transferred to Arkham Asylum as he tries to lure her husband Victor out of hiding, but Leslie is furious with the detective for using her patient as bait. Meanwhile, Cobblepot undergoes some horrific therapy at the hands of the sinister Dr Hugo Strange.
Monday 11th April, 10pm, Channel 5

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