BBC announces Hinterland transmission date


hinterland-pagehero2I’ve been away for a few days, so I’m just catching up with the news and one significant piece is that one of this site’s favourite shows – Welsh drama, Hinterland – will finally be returning to BBC4 in a few weeks’ time. We’ve had our spate of Scandinavian and Nordic dramas, for now, so it’s time to head to the stunningly bleak Ceredigion region of Wales to catch up with DI Tom Matthias and his team.

Now, I hate to be boastful, but I’ve already reviewed this series (it debuted on its native language home, S4C) so please don’t look if you want to keep spoiler free.

But it is a cracker.

What we’re getting from BBC4 is a winter special first shown on S4C on New Year’s Day 2015, and then five, feature-length episodes in English (the fact the team has to re-record everything in English still baffles me). So… the climax of the first series saw DCI Tom Mathias pushed to the edge. With a local woman’s death on his conscience and blood on his hands, Mathias’s future is hanging in the balance until Chief Superintendent¬†Prosser persuades him to return and work on a case of an arson attack on a farm that leaves a mother and child fighting for their lives.

Series two has already appeared on Netflix, and has done very well, and from what I know, series three is currently filming in and around Aberystwyth.

Hinterland: Saturday 23rd April, 9pm, BBC4

For our interview with showrunner Ed Thomas, go here

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4 thoughts on “BBC announces Hinterland transmission date

  1. Serafina Rotondi

    I watched all season 1 and 2 in 3 days. Superb performances. Totally engaging from moment to moment. Powerful vast landscapes that embraces the characters. The love scene between Gwen & Mathias was beautifully disturbing; the connection; loss of a child; fucking thilling. And the haunting Dyfan Richards, astounding back story. Well, all main characters are deep; clearly well developed. I’d like to know more about Mared, Llyod, and Sian; their personal lives. We see a bit about Mared; I secretly want her and Tom to develop an accidental romance. Thank you for brining Hinterland to the screen of NYC!! KEEP ON KEEP ON, IT CAN ONLY GET BETTER.


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