Twin Peaks wraps up filming, hints at more than one season


twin-peaks-wrapped-clapperboard-768x402I’ve been following the re-emergence of Twin Peaks with great interest, mainly because it was one of the TV series when I was growing up that really affected me and stayed with me. We all know by now that David Lynch is bringing it back for a new run next year, and even though the new series has had its contractual ups and downs, the good news is that it’s not only a definite goer, but filming has wrapped. But there’s also more, slightly stunning news, too…

The Welcome To Twin Peaks website said:

April 14, 2016, was the final day of 140 shooting days in Washington state and Los Angeles, both on location and on a soundstage.

At least for now.

Hold on, at least for now?

The site goes onto show a Tweet from Go For Locations, which told the world that the show had indeed wrapped filming on its first two seasons.

for-locations-tweet-wrapThis is stunning news. Cast your mind back to when David Lynch dropped out of the project, then came back. Then cast your mind back to hearing all kinds of stories about stuff going on behind the scenes. Now we have this prospect – we’re not only getting one new series, but two. And that last sentence – first two seasons – implies that there may be even more in the pipeline.

The Go For Locations twitter feed has now been made private, so either they’ve been to told to shut up and stop talking (which gives more credence to the whole story) or they somehow misinterpreted what was going on.

Only time will tell…

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