The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 25th April – Sunday 1st May)

The_SecretQuite rightly, the 90-minute series finale of Line Of Duty will hog the headlines this week. It’s set to be a cracking and incredibly tense final episode, and I’ve been told to expect A LOT of the interview scenes that have set this relentless series apart from the rest. Elsewhere, I’m intrigued by the Northern Ireland-set The Secret on ITV, and there’s also the final ever episode of Scott & Bailey. Much to enjoy!

Here we go then – a full 90-minute finale to wrap things up. AC-12 legal counsel Gill Biggeloe puts pressure on Supt Ted Hastings, only for new evidence to turn the inquiry on its head. An undercover investigation may provide the key – but will the unit ever uncover the truth about `the Caddy’?
Thursday 28th April, 9pm, BBC2

2 Hinterland
DCI Mathias is under pressure when his wife turns up in Aberystwyth, while he is also the subject of an investigation by the IPCC after the death of Mari Davies. However, when a bus driver is found shot to death on an isolated mountainside, the case provides the detective with a welcome escape. The team has a suspect to question, but Mathias believes he is an unlikely killer and is fascinated by an ex-soldier’s lifestyle choices.
Saturday 30th April, 9pm, BBC4

An aborted attack on an elderly man gives the police a new lead in the Grove Park killings, while Marcella tries to track down the taxi driver from outside Grace Gibson’s house, fearful that he saw her on the night of the murder.
Monday 25th April, 9pm, ITV

Drama set in 1990 Northern Ireland, starring James Nesbitt as respected dentist Colin Howell, who falls for Hazel Buchanan at his local Baptist church and embarks upon a passionate affair. Wanting to remain in the church, Colin refuses to consider divorce, but he and Hazel are desperate to find some way to be together. When Lesley’s father dies and she contemplates suicide, Colin believes that he has found a way forward and both enter a deadly pact.
Friday 29th April, 9pm, ITV

5 The Tunnel: Sabotage *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
As Karl and Elise’s investigation continues, and terrorists plot a further attack in France, a man comes forward with intriguing links to missing man Robert Fournier. Meanwhile, Elise uncovers some disturbing facts when she interviews Eryka about her past, Laura Roebuck starts to suspect someone could be watching her and a hunch leads Karl to another body.
Tuesday 26th April, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Rachel is criticised for a lack of progress with the investigation and she knows she must find both a murder weapon and the encryption code used to access the website. However, as the team makes a significant breakthrough in the case, DSI Julie Dodson makes a discovery which jeopardises Rachel’s position as Acting DI. Meanwhile, when Janet’s attempt to help Taisie results in a complaint, her faith in justice is tested, and both Scott and Bailey have life-changing decisions to make about their futures.
Wednesday 27th April, 9pm, ITV

Danny insists that Mark leave the investigation to the police, but his dogged persistence leads him to unearth another murder scene. At the shelter, Slade’s life is turned upside down when he receives devastating news, while Pru starts to question the woman that she has become.
Friday 29th April, 9pm, Sky1

Jack is determined to solve the mystery of who framed him for the murder of Wayne Dilthey, and as he investigate, evidence begins to suggest a conspiracy connected to the prison and church repatriation system run by The Way of the Cross.
Friday 29th April, 9pm, FOX

9 Murdoch Mysteries *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The detective and his team investigate a grisly murder linked to a feral young woman.
Monday 25th April, 9pm, Alibi

Now that Gordon has begun to question Kristen Kringle’s disappearance, Edward Nygma gleefully sets up a series of tests and riddles that he hopes will lead to disaster for the morally compromised detective. Meanwhile, Cobblepot visits his beloved mother’s grave, where he meets the father he never knew he had, and Bruce gets a taste of the underground life when he and Selina raid the lair of a gang led by Gilzean’s nephew.
Monday 25th April, 10pm, Channel 5


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