Season 19 of Midsomer Murder begins shooting; Barnaby gets new sidekick


landscape-1461583473-barnaby-winter-midsomer-murdersMidsomer Murders is one of our most enduring and most successful crime dramas, and it still remains extremely popular in the UK as well as abroad. The Scandinavian countries, especially, have a real thing for this cosy long-running series. ITV says that production on series 19 (19!) is underway and that DCI John Barnaby will have yet another new sidekick. 

Barnaby is joined by DS Jamie Winter, played by newcomer Nick Hendrix (Marcella, The Crown), will be beside him upholding the law in Midsomer county.

Also returning for the 19th series of the successful drama, to be broadcast in 2017, are Manjinder Virk as pathologist Dr Kam Karimore and Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby.

Storylines this series will include a deserted village full of secrets, an extreme Neighbourhood Watch, a cricket festival and a rabbit and guinea pig show, which is just about as Midsomer Murders as you can get.

Nick Hendrix says: “I’m genuinely thrilled to join this bastion of British TV. It’s a real privilege to be part of a hugely successful and much loved show and I am looking forward to stepping into the wonderful world of Midsomer.”


25 thoughts on “Season 19 of Midsomer Murder begins shooting; Barnaby gets new sidekick

  1. Debi

    Have watched the season 19 all ready, thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s nice to see the Barnaby family growing, sad about Sykes. Really a character! Just want more, more, more!


  2. Donna

    so sad to have all the changes – hoping new DS Jamie Winter will stay around for a long time! No Skyes, so sad to hear – Skyes was a true contributor to John Barnaby’s character. Can’t wait to see Season 19 – just finished 18 and with all this snow in New Hampshire USA – Midsomer has been a great night watch! Keep them coming!


  3. Mary

    I really love this series. I watch it on Amazon Prime – Acorn but finished all 19 episodes – waiting to hear from Acorn when they will be air the episode 5 & 6 of season 19. Ugh!!!! I hate the wait. I also love Murdoch Mysteries which is Canadian. I hate the waiting these show need to be pickup in the US.


  4. rose

    I agree with Barbara, he is ugly as are most of the cast. The show is great, though. Don’t send me any stupid replies because I signed off.


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