Interview: James Nesbitt, The Secret


the_secretHas everyone recovered from Line Of Duty? No? Well tough, because the crime drama wheel still keeps spinning and tonight on ITV (Friday 29th April) there’s an intriguing-looking new three-parter starting up, which is based on a true story. James Nesbitt and Genevieve O’Reilly play Colin Howell and Hazel Buchanan – two married characters who start a destructive affair, ending in murder. We managed to get hold of an interview with James Nesbitt, which you can read after the jump.

The Killing Times: How hard a role was this for you?
James Nesbitt: It was hard in the sense that this was a love story, and a murder story. They were in love and so that had a big part of our story. Genevieve’s very compelling and brings Hazel to life. It was hard for us to play these lovers who turn into murderers, because you have to try and find what they saw in each other to make them go that far.

TKT: As you say it’s a love story at its heart. Colin and Hazel seem like almost star cross’d lovers – and yet they did part after all the horror.
JN: Had Hazel been forgiven for leaving him? I don’t think so, I think it was very clear that he wanted her. After a while the relationship stops and she begins to see another man, which probably devastated him. I think he was very much in love. For his life to be the perfect life he wanted to be a very successful dentist, a pillar of the church community, a wonderful family man”.

TKT: Colin seems like a very complicated man, to put it mildly…
JN: All I can do is try and create something that is truthful to the script, and the writing is so strong. The direction is so acute and so brilliant with Nick Murphy that hopefully we are building an honest portrayal of quite a complicated man. It would have been easier if he had been incredibly charming, with Colin it was a bit more complicated because he wasn’t. I think some people didn’t warm to him and there was a banality almost to him as well.

TKT: This true story is based in Coleraine, where you grew up. Did you ever come across any of the characters?
JN: I’ve talked to many people who will have known Colin. I’m from Coleraine. He lived opposite my sister, they had the same cleaner, my sister went to some of Lesley’s coffee mornings, which I only found out recently.

The Secret: Friday 29th April, 9pm, ITV


One thought on “Interview: James Nesbitt, The Secret

  1. PKCox

    James Nesbitt is a very charming person, so that is one reason I’m looking forward to seeing him play an ” almost banal” character. The fact that “The Secret” is based on a true story of two ordinary people makes it incredibly frightening . Since I live in the US, I ‘ve pre-ordered the DVD from Amazon – it comes out on May 23. Thanks for the interview!


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