BBC4 picks up French crime drama The Disappearance


Disparue-France-2-Qu-est-ce-que-c-est-que-cette-serie_news_fullOver the past few years, French crime drama has been a real sub-genre to watch – both Spiral and Witnesses (add to these supernatural drama, The Returned) have both been instrumental in spreading the word and showcasing the country’s growing output. Now we hear that BBC4 – still the benchmark when it comes to quality, foreign-language crime drama – has picked up a series from France that has been called ‘the French Broadchurch’.

Both Broadcast and C21 Media report that BBC4 has picked up the eight-part series, The Disappearance (Disparue), which broke viewing records in its native France, often beating out high-profile imports.

Deadline describe the show as:

The Disappearance is written by Marie Deshaires and Catherine Touzet (Détectives) and based on Spanish format Desaparecida which won international prizes during its 2007-08 run. Set in Lyon, the French version traces the increasing trauma of the Morel family who fall apart when their 17-year-old daughter fails to return home from a night out. As the hours pass and the police investigation builds, The Disappearance explores every parent’s worst nightmare. There are similarities to Broadchurch in that the lead detective has a complicated backstory while the family members and friends each appear to be hiding something.

Sounds good, non? The Returned’s Alix Poisson stars as matriarch Florence Morel and we’re expecting it to hit next spring.

Here’s a trailer:



2 thoughts on “BBC4 picks up French crime drama The Disappearance

  1. Bernadette Mee-Keaveney

    The Disappearance has disappeared after two episodes, without any word of when it will be resumed. Really enjoying it…when will it continue, please?


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