Last BBC series of Wallander transmission date confirmed by BBC

Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander. BBC adaptation of An Event In Autumn. Left Bank PicturesKenneth Branagh returns to his BAFTA award-winning role as Inspector Kurt Wallander in three feature-length episodes of the BBC series based on Henning Mankell’s best-selling novels. It’s likely to be the BBC’s last when it comes to its adaptations of the late Mankell’s novels (and subsequent Swedish-language originals), so we’ll have to enjoy them while we can. Now the corporation has announced the transmission dates for this batch of three feature-length episodes.

We start with The White Lioness.

While attending a policing conference, Wallander is drawn into the case of a missing Swedish national in Cape Town. He finds himself on a physical and emotional journey that will lead him from the aching beauty and open spaces of rural Africa to the intense poverty and deprivation of its urban townships, and finally bring him face to face with an individual who has not only lost hope in their country but betrayed everything they once believed in.

Alongside, and in contrast to this, the relationships that Wallander forms on his journey – with Grace Thembu, a cop and a single mother, and Mabasha, a young man driven to a life of crime – will help him come to terms with his own doubts about modern Sweden and serve to rekindle his belief in the value of his 40 years as a policeman.

Wallander (series 4): Sunday 22nd May, 9pm, BBC1


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  1. schaeppi says:

    Took the BBC long enough to broadcast. The world premiere of this fourth and final season of Wallander happened on German TV station ARD last December.


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