The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd May)



It’s a big(gish) week out there in crime drama land, with the finale of ITV’s superb and chilling and awful four-part series, The Secret, coming to an end on Friday. In my opinion it has been harrowing, must-watch TV. Elsewhere, there’s new (British) Wallander, the final two episodes of Marcella over two nights, the finale of Hinterland and brand new Banshee over on Sky Atlantic. Enjoy!

Seeing Matthew’s death as God’s full and final punishment for his past sins, Colin convinces himself that God will now allow him to prosper. However, when he loses all his money in a financial scam and his second wife Kyle threatens to leave him, he offers a full confession to the church and police. When Hazel later pleads her innocence, Colin agrees to appear as a key witness for the prosecution, determined to take her down with him.
Friday 20th May, 9pm, ITV

Wallander travels to Cape Town to investigate the disappearance of a Swedish woman. He uncovers a complex conspiracy behind the mystery, and is also confronted with a nation that has reached a turning point in its history.
Sunday 22nd May, 9pm, BBC1

3 Hinterland *SERIES FINALE*
DCI Mathias must solve the case of the murdered Aron Bowen, but must deal with feuding family members and run-away teenagers first. Will he discover the truth of the matter or will the person that’s stalking him get in his way?
Saturday 21st May, 9pm, BBC4

Mo confronts Marcella after finding his brother dead, while the detective has her doubts as the police continue to investigate Yann. Tim starts to look into the curious circumstances surrounding the death of Andrew Barnes, bringing him into contact with Jason. The final episode is on Tuesday night.
Monday 16th May, 9pm, ITV; Tuesday 17th May, 9pm, ITV

Skipping forward two years from the end of Season 3, Hood has resigned as sheriff and lives in seclusion in a cabin in the woods. Brock, now sheriff, locates Hood and reveals to him that Rebecca Bowman has been murdered, the third girl in town ritually eviscerated by a serial killer. Meanwhile, Kai Proctor is now the mayor of Banshee, and has set up a business partnership with Calvin Bunker’s gang of neo-Nazis, though there is considerable friction between the two groups. Kurt Bunker is also revealed to be carrying on an affair with Calvin’s wife. Carrie has lost custody of Deva and lives alone while secretly meting out vigilante justice against the Bunker-Proctor criminal syndicate by night. Flashbacks reveal that Hood and Carrie’s search for Job hit a dead end after tracking down former government agent Dalton, who Hood murdered.
Friday 20th May, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Double bill. No episodic information available.
Wednesday 18th May, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

6 Peaky Blinders *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Tommy responds to the Italians’ actions, setting him on a path of deadly vengeance that threatens to take him to his darkest place yet – and could also splinter the family. And when he meets Grand Duchess Izabella, the real force behind his mission, he discovers there’s a traitor in his paymasters’ midst – one who could unravel the entire plan. Meanwhile, Polly realises the depths of her new friend’s intentions for her, and Linda implores an increasingly guilty Arthur to give up the criminal life.
Thursday 19th May, 9pm, BBC2

Now on the run from both the police and the members of Via Crucis, Jack seeks to clear his name and expose the villains responsible for his current predicament. Seeking help from Cam, he decides to return to the Way of the Cross factory, where a secretive entry into a shipping container exposes a cache of weapons and ammunition hidden beneath `aid’ parcels.
Friday 20th May, 10pm, FOX

8 Murdoch Mysteries *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
A man is murdered during a burlesque performance at the Star Room theatre, where Murdoch, Odgen and Brackenreid are surprise to discover a familiar face in the audience.
Monday 16th May, 9pm, Alibi

9 The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes
Jeremy Brett is in the deerstalker for the finale to series two. Moriarty seeks revenge on Holmes for foiling his plan to sell the Mona Lisa, and the pair ultimately fight their final battle at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland.
Friday 20th May, 7.55pm, ITV3

10 The Ice Cream Girls
Two women who were accused of murdering their schoolteacher in the summer of 1995 are forced to confront their dark, shared history when one of them is released from prison almost two decades later, having always protested her innocence. Returning to her home town, Poppy decides to track down old friend Serena and get her to admit the truth about what really happened that fateful night.
Wednesday 18th May, 10pm, ITV Encore



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