David Bowie was expected to appear in the new Twin Peaks


83110_14_122_944loA few weeks ago we detailed the enormous, 200-plus cast list for the new series of Twin Peaks, which is due to hit our screen on Sky Atlantic in the UK some time next year. We can’t wait, not only to see how the story progresses but also how David Lynch is going to fit all of those characters in. One cast member from the original canon that won’t, for obvious reasons, be making it this time around is David Bowie, who played FBI agent Phillip Jeffries. But, according to one cast member, Bowie was lined up to return before his untimely death earlier this year.

Digital Spy, by way of the Dallas Morning Herald, quoted Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy):

Goaz says David Bowie, who had a small role in the 1992 film spinoff Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, was set to return to make a cameo, but it didn’t happen before the musician’s death this year.

Bowie had a memorable cameo in the movie prequel, Fire Walk With Me. Have a look-see here:

Interestingly, Catherine Coulson’s name is also on the returning actor list, confirming she filmed several scenes as fan-favourite Margaret “Log Lady” Lanterman before her death last year. It’s just a shame that Bowie didn’t get the chance to do the same.

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