Review: Marcella (S1 E7/8), Monday 16th May, ITV


webANXMarcellaEp7Half way through this penultimate episode of Marcella – the most infuriating crime drama on television since From Darkness – DI Rav Sangha exasperated, “Sorry, but have I missed something here?” I knew how he felt. Like the previous six episodes, this seventh instalment lurched from one thing to the next, its myriad plot strands coming together like a head-on truck crash. There was so much information to take in, and to remember, I didn’t know whether I was coming or going.

NB: There are enormo spoilers in this review

As expected in penultimate episodes, several strands seemed to tie themselves up. There was Mo and Marcella, who were sat in a stare-off in her kitchen, the cab driver brandishing a knife and holding it to her neck, expressing his intention to slit her throat unless she confessed to murdering his brother. We hadn’t seen a Marcella black-out for a while, but here one came. She woke up to an empty house, Mo nowhere to be seen. Really? Then there was Bendek The Blackmailer and Stuart (Bendek had hung himself while listening to death metal and indulging in a spot of asphyxiation play… really?), Yann’s incarceration (Marcella, thanks to another huge leap of maverick, deductive faith decided that he wasn’t the killer, even though she was pretty convinced up until the interview… really?) and then the subsequent revelation of Matthew as the new prime suspect. Not only was it his hoodie that was in the CCTV footage from the hotel, subsequent investigation revealed that he had links with all the victims as well as ties to the original Grove Park murders. All these things had been missed by the team. Naturally.

There was some stuff about hair, more stuff about key cards and other bits and pieces I had completely forgotten about. Normally, when you forget about the little details in crime dramas, the sheer momentum and pace of a penultimate or final episode just carries you along, like a ride at Alton Towers. Here I was scratching my head as the story lurched from one thing to the next, inelegantly splurging facts and details and revelations.

After last week’s sympathetic storylines revolving around Marcella, we were back to doubting her once again – let’s face it, she hasn’t been completely exonerated from the crimes herself.

By the end, Tim was onto Jason and Matthew as the killer theory was all but a ruse, thanks to a final shot twist that saw him bound and gagged in the wine cellar of his sour-faced best friend Henry Gibson. Let’s see how this all ends tomorrow night. Or at least be thankful that it ends tomorrow night.

Paul Hirons

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