Season four of Sherlock starts filming, adds Toby Jones to cast

mast-sherlock3-personality-icon-high-resSherlock is one of the biggest crime dramas in the world, aside from all the NCIS franchise business, and any news associated with it is big news. We know that series four – a three-episode series – will air out around Christmas time, and that one of the story strands will be John and Mary becoming parents for the first time. Other than that we know little. But now news reaches us that series four has started filming today and the the team has added Toby Jones (The Secret Agent, Marvellous, The Girl) to the cast.

b2e97600-eb3a-11e3-_710158cWe love Toby Jones, of that there is little doubt, and he’s confirmed to star in the second episode of the brand new series. Episode two will be directed by Nick Hurran, who was Emmy nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Miniseries for ‘His Last Vow’ series three Sherlock episode.

Toby Jones says: “I’m excited and intrigued by the character I shall be playing in Sherlock…”

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  1. mike sargent says:

    Toby Jones? I’d have written Detectorists and Dads Army. Shows he’s been quite busy….


    1. mike sargent says:

      Radio Times said Hunger Games… I don’t even remember him in that.


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