Review: Gotham (S2 E18/22), Monday 16th May, Channel 5

Events in Gotham are coming to a head; Jim Gordon’s out of jail, pardoned, and has nailed his persecutor Ed Nygma; Bruce Wayne has found the killer of his parents, ‘Matches’ Malone.  But the question of who commissioned the killing of the Waynes remains, and only one person knows the answer to that – The Lady.

BBC4 confirms transmission date for The Disappearance

Last week we brought you news that BBC4 had snapped up the UK broadcast rights to French series, The Disappearance, dubbed by some as ‘the French Broadchurch’. With series two of Hinterland finishing this weekend, there’s a gap to be filled from 28th May onwards. And, wouldn’t you know it, BBC4 has now confirmed that…