BBC4 confirms transmission date for The Disappearance


Disparue-France-2-Qu-est-ce-que-c-est-que-cette-serie_news_fullLast week we brought you news that BBC4 had snapped up the UK broadcast rights to French series, The Disappearance, dubbed by some as ‘the French Broadchurch’. With series two of Hinterland finishing this weekend, there’s a gap to be filled from 28th May onwards. And, wouldn’t you know it, BBC4 has now confirmed that The Disappearance will fill that crime drama hole.

The 10-part French drama is set in Lyon and based on the award-winning Spanish series Desaparecida. The story goes like this: Seventeen-year-old Lea Morel suddenly goes missing, leaving her family devastated. As the police investigate the disappearance and the Morels fall deeper into despair, the people around them are unveiled as a suspicious ensemble of characters, each with secrets of their own to hide.

Reading all that, it’s obvious The Disappearance ticks many boxes when it comes to crime drama, so we’re hoping for some good stuff. It’ll play out in the customary double-billed episodes.

The Disappearance: Saturday 28th May, 9pm, BBC4


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