The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 23rd – Sunday 31st May)

Programme Name: The Disappearance - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: celebrating her 17th birthday Lea Morel (CAMILLE RAZAT) - (C) Julien Cauvin - Photographer: Julien Cauvin
(C) Julien Cauvin – Photographer: Julien Cauvin

Even though we’ve had a stack of new stuff this year and the summer is definitely coming, there’s no shortage of new series starting up. Take this week: BBC4 give us French drama, The Disappearance, there’s series two of Bloodline and an intriguing new series from US TV juggernaut, Shonda Rimes, who executively-produced award-winning novelist Kate Atkinson’s idea. Should be interesting…

1 The Disappearance *UK PREMIERE SERIES*
Seventeen-year-old Lea Morel suddenly goes missing, leaving her family devastated. As the police investigate the disappearance and the Morels fall deeper into despair, the people around them are unveiled as a suspicious ensemble of characters, each with secrets of their own to hide.
Saturday 30th May, 9pm, BBC4

The second series sees consequences come to haunt the Rayburns and especially the Chandler-portrayed John, a local lawman who has committed a terrible crime. Add to that more revelations and surprises from black sheep Danny’s past like his supposed son Nolan, played by Owen Teague. John Leguizamo and Andrea Riseborough have also joined the series as parts of Danny’s past that have some very real moves to make.
From Wednesday 27th May, Netflix

The detective investigates when a body is found half-buried in a swamp, Visiting her home, Wallander discovers signs of an intruder and that the dead woman’s daughter is missing. The return of a lost love distracts him from the case at hand, as he encounters a gang of bikers that have been causing trouble in the area and begins to suspect he is being watched.
Sunday 31st May, 9pm, BBC1

4 Peaky Blinders *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Tommy shares some important family news with his brothers, and outlines his plans for the most audacious criminal act the gang has ever undertaken. He also finds himself playing a dangerous game with Tatiana as they attempt to acquire information from each another. Meanwhile, a guilty Polly makes an ill-advised confession – with terrible consequences for her nephew.
Thursday 26th May, 9pm, BBC2

Private detective Alice Vaughan comes home one day to find her fiancé was actually a con artist who has run off with all her life savings and sensitive client information, setting her off on a revenge mission. Mireille Enos (The Killing) and Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) star.
Thursday 26th May, 10pm, Sky Living

6 The Tunnel: Sabotage *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
After a break last week, The Tunnel is back. With Vanessa’s life hanging in the balance, Elise and Karl are forced to strike an urgent deal with her in exchange for vital information about the case. Elsewhere, someone threatens Karl’s family in an attempt to warn him off the case, while Elise crosses a line she may quickly come to regret.
Tuesday 24th May, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Carrie and Lucas enlist the help of Fat Au in a desperate attempt to track down and rescue Job.
Friday 27th May, 10pm, Sky Atlantic

No programme information available.
Wednesday 25th May, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

The detective’s wife is shot, and Brackenreid, Crabtree, Higgins and Jackson’s investigation reveals the culprit may have been one of her former patients.
Monday 23rd May, 9pm, Alibi

10 Grantchester
Another chance to see series two of the 1950s-set detective drama about a vicar and a police inspector solving crimes in rural Cambridgeshire. DC Phil Wilkinson arrests Sidney on a charge of sexual assault made by Harding Redmond after reading entries in the diary of his teenage daughter Abigail, who has now gone missing, along with the journal itself. After being grilled by DCI Benson, Sidney sets out to prove his innocence and is joined in his investigation by Geordie.
Wednesday 25th May, 9pm, ITV Encore


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