Walter Presents acquires Norwegian drama Acquitted

Cb7aVeLW4AE-V53We all know that BBC4 is the place to watch the best foreign-language drama, but very close behind is Walter Presents – the Channel 4-affiliated online service. We’ve seen some good stuff on there this year, and while I was checking in at our friends, over on facebook, I noticed a story that detailed the snapping up of a Norwegian drama, called Frikjent (or Acquitted), due for play-out next year.

Frikjent’s story goes like this: after 20 years in exile, Aksel Borgen (Cleve Broch) is summoned back to recover a business that is on the verge of bankruptcy. Accused for a murder he did not commit, Aksel is confronted with all the people of a past life that can’t and won’t forgive him – including his family.

Judging by the images and the footage whirling around the internet, it looks like a stunner.

Frikjent is the second high-profile Norwegian drama to be snapped up by a British broadcaster, with Modus (based on Anne Holt’s novel) announced by BBC4. Twenty-seventeen could be Norway’s year.

There’s a (very classy-looking) trailer here:


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  1. zumamarie says:

    Sounds a lot like “Rectify” on Sundance Channel.


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