Hans Rosenfeldt reveals ‘Halloween’ plot for season four of The Bridge; confirms Sofia Helin


tumblr_nxryb2ZYzc1s67arho1_1280Stop everything. Word reaches us via our friends at Scanoir.co.uk (who, in turn, quote The Local), that Hans Rosenfeldt has been speaking about series four of The Bridge on a podcast in Sweden. Rosenfeldt not only chatted away about the plot of that forthcoming series in nice detail but also confirmed that the key cast members had signed on for the fourth, and last, run.

We’ve known for a while that Rosenfeldt was gearing up for a fourth series of the hit Scandinavian drama, which takes place in both Sweden and Denmark. While no official word has come out from Swedish broadcaster SVT Rosenfeldt has been vocal in his enthusiasm for a fourth, and last, series, going as far as saying that star, Sofia Helin, is also up for it in principle. He spoke to the TV Med Luuk podcast (here for all you Swedish speakers) about the plot:

It gets pretty nasty. This one is a bit smaller, not as large scale. It’s on a smaller scale than in the third season, which was this staged thing with three mannequins and a victim. This one is smaller, but I would say that it’s more frightening.

It [the murder] takes place on Halloween. Halloween is big in some parts of Denmark. They go more ‘all in’ than Sweden, so it takes place in Denmark on the night of Halloween.

Rosenfeldt said that he had submitted the plan to the Swedish broadcaster and that he was busy writing the first three episodes. He also revealed in the podcast that Sofia Helin would be returning as Saga Norén, as well as Thure Lindhardt, who plays Danish copper and lover Henrik Sabroe. Alas, there’s still no news about Kim Bodnia’s Martin Rohde.

That’s pretty good news for a Wednesday evening.

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