Hinterland secures free-to-air access in the US

hinterland-pagehero2The past few weeks has seen a resurgence in the popularity and topicality of Hinterland (Y Gwyll) – series two has recently finished on BBC4 and global viewers have, if our comments section is anything to go by, been engrossed in the saga thanks to its appearance on Netflix outside of the UK. So this next piece of news will delight our US readers…

S4C’s award-winning Ceredigion noir will soon be seen on free-to-air American screens. The distributor all3media International has sold the series to American Public Television (APT). The announcement was made by senior series producer Ed Thomas in an event organised by Aberystwyth University for former students in New York this week.
Filmed in Aberystwyth and the surrounding areas, the Y Gwyll/Hinterland cast and crew are currently working on the third series, which will be shown first on S4C in October 2016.
The English language version of the first series of Y Gwyll/Hinterland, will be shown in 13 US TV Markets from 30 June onwards, including Kansas City, Seattle, Oregon, Milwaukee, Buffalo NY and Boston.
The crime drama is already shown on Netflix in the US and has been sold across the globe; including many European countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Belgium, Slovenia, France and Denmark.
S4C’s Chief Executive, Ian Jones welcomed the news and said:
“I am extremely proud of Y Gwyll/Hinterland and it’s great news that viewers across the US can now enjoy this fantastic series on free-to-air television. The popularity of Y Gwyll keeps on growing and it has become a huge export for both S4C and Wales– raising the profile of the country and the talent we have here. It shows how investment in the creative industries can take Wales to a global stage, bringing with it huge benefits for future development and the economy.”
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19 thoughts on “Hinterland secures free-to-air access in the US

  1. Lyle

    While I love the majority of UK crime drama, Hinterland falls short. All the elements are there, decent actors, moody scenery etc but the scriptwriter and/or director is not up to the task at hand. The show limps along but never catches fire.
    I do however very much appreciate this website, well done!


    • Laurie

      I enjoy the low key pace which I think is probably very deliberate, and very in keeping with DCI Mathias’ character. It’s also one you have to actual watch because the little background bits and facial expressions (hallelujah, acting that’s like watching real people!!). There’s so much to miss if I do other things like I do with many shows.
      At any rate, for me the pace helps keep that sense of out-in-the-wilds, and also deepens the sadness, or dread and inevitability, when I know what’s coming as it unfolds . . . like watching the child in Penwyllt.

      If only I could find it in Welsh I could practice my Welsh!!!


  2. Sandra Jones

    I disagree with Lyle….maybe he’s missing all the crap the US puts in their shows which is exactly why I watch mostly UK. I love this show and looking forward to many more episodes!


    • Sandra, I watch very little US programming, you’re right, most of it is awful. That being said, Hinderland feels anemic compared to Luther/The Bridge/Happy Valley/River etc. Compared to CSI Miami, it’s Hamlet.


      • Hmmm…I feel like that’s comparing apples to oranges. I love Luther. But it’s different than Hinterland, which I love as well. Lol, CSI Miami…don’t get me wrong I liked all CSI shows, but they’re procedurals-light. Now if you were to compare NYPD Blue to CSI Miami, yea that would work.

        By the way I love that they let Milwaukee have Hinterland. Now I have to wait to see season 2(which will probably be a couple years).


  3. Danny Simmons

    Love this show. Can’t wait for season 3. Also enjoy Midsummer Murders and Death in Paradise. Don’t know if you can get Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries in UK. It’s an Australian show on Netflix. It’s really very good also. Keep the shows coming. Thanks


    • Paul Hirons

      Great stuff Danny, glad you’re enjoying those shows. Yes, we get Miss Fisher over here in the UK (on a channel called Alibi) – it’s great fun!


  4. There are certain Brit(sorry Wales you are included) television series that are icons of excellent drama and stand without comparison. Y Gwyll/Hinterland is one. Foyles War, Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis, Hercule, Rivers and some others give us the time to meet and get to know the main characters, their collegues, the plot development, and their world so that we can immerse ourselves in their stories. Not unlike good novels. Maybe it requires a tiny bit more imagination, Lyle. BTW, I got Netflix to enjoy Longmire and discovered thes other gems to enjoy at my leisure, or as I found out, binging. Keep Hinterland alive, that part of me that is Welsh really enjoys your product.


    • Steve Murphy

      I’m wondering the same thing. I just finished season 2 and can’t wait to see how they continue from the burning of Matthias’ caravan. I love the show and really paced my viewing, knowing that Netflix had just two seasons. I love the complexity of the plots where I have to pause the play to memorize character names and how they fit into the plot.

      I have to agree with others who say that American crime dramas are shallow in comparison. Hinterland is great; it’s Wales’ answer to Midsommer Murders.

      The only thing I would like to see is a bit of character development for Lloyd Ellis and DS Owens; get a glimpse of them outside of work the way we see for DI Rhys.

      And yes, the acting is superb. The slightest tilt of the head, moving of eyes all add to the quality of the show. Thanks producers!!!


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