The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 30th May – Sunday 5th June)

dicteSo, are you hooked yet by BBC4’s French whodunit The Disappearance? If you are there’s another double bill next Saturday night to enjoy. Elsewhere, there’s a new Danish series called Dicte starting on More4, which stars Iben Hjejle as crime reporter Dicte Svendsen who has returned to her hometown of Aarhus following a divorce. She discovers the corpse of a young Bosnian woman, who seems to have bled to death following a c-section. Sounds interesting. And it’s Danish, too boot.

1 The Disappearance *UK PREMIERE EPISODES*
Are you hooked yet? Lea leaves a frantic message on Julien’s phone, asking him to call her. Molina and his team track the call to the railway station, while Nicolas – a waiter at Morel and Sons restaurant – shows Julien the illegal police radio interceptor he has in his car. With his new device, Julien begins listening in on police communications, and decides to shadow their investigations.
Saturday 4th June, 9pm, BBC4

Recently divorced Dicte Svendsen decides to return to her home town of Aarhus, with her daughter in tow. Working as a crime reporter, she discovers the body of a young Bosnian woman who appears to have bled to death following a Caesarean section. Police investigator John Wagner takes an immediate dislike to Dicte and tries to keep her out of the case, but the stubborn reporter resolves to get to the truth after learning the victim wasn’t the only Bosnian woman in the city with something to fear.
Friday 3rd June, 9pm, More4

The detective takes on his most challenging case as he searches for Linda’s father-in-law, with the only clue to his whereabouts is an incident on board a submarine 25 years ago. As the case takes a devastating turn, Wallander is plunged into the shady world of Cold War-era politics and faces a battle to protect his daughter.
Sunday 5th June, 9pm, BBC1

4 Peaky Blinders *UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The Russians test the Shelbys and their gang, and Tommy begins to realise he may have underestimated his new business partners, and has now been seriously outmanoeuvred. As aristocrats exiled by the Soviet Revolution, the Petrovnas have absolutely nothing to lose, and beneath their civilised veneer lies a fierce determination to regain what they have lost. However, the Birmingham mobster still has an ace up his sleeve, in the form of an old enemy now working as an ally.
Thursday 2nd June, 9pm, BBC2

Elise makes a devastating discovery that fuels her desire to close the case and catch the Chemist.
Tuesday 31st May, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

No programme information was available.
Wednesday 1st June, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Alice takes on the very public case of a man who has been wrongly imprisoned for murdering his wife, while Ben, in desperate need of some cash, sets his sights on a new target.
Friday 3rd June, 9pm, Sky Living

8 Maigret
Michael Gambon stars as George Simonen’s Paris detective in the finale to the first series. The pipe-smoking sleuth is forced to take drastic measures to trap a serial killer terrorising the women of Montmartre, employing a policewoman as a decoy.
Monday 30th May, 8pm, ITV Encore

9 Murder On The Homefront
Two-part crime drama set during the Blitz, loosely based on the memoirs of writer Molly Lefebure. When several young women are found murdered, DI Freddy Wilkins believes the obvious suspect is loner Wilfred Ziegler, but Home Office pathologist Lennox Collins and his secretary Molly Cooper have their doubts and employ ground-breaking forensic techniques to ensure the right man is brought to justice.
Monday 30th May, 10pm, ITV Encore

Jim Gordon is horrified to find Theo Galavan has come back from the dead and launches a raid on Arkham as he is convinced the asylum’s psychologist Hugo Strange is somehow behind it. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot watches the news reports of Galavan’s return and heads out to claim his revenge on the man who killed his mother, while Edward Nygma and Selina Kyle join forces.
Monday 30th May, 10pm, Channel 5


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