AA Dhand’s Streets Of Darkness optioned for TV

9780593076651I’m a bit late on this one but when I was reading The Guardian yesterday, I came across an article that compared a new novel – AA Dhand’s Streets Of Darkness – to, among other things, to Luther and The Wire. When someone does that you have to sit up and take notice, and that’s exactly what I did, because a later in the article it explained that the novel has been picked up by a production company for TV.

The Guardian says:

Streets of Darkness, by AA Dhand, follows suspended police detective Harry Virdee as he tries to solve a murder within 24 hours in a city riven with tensions and on the verge of a race riot as bad as those that took place there in 2001. The result is a tense slice of neo-noir that has won Dhand comparisons to both BBC drama Luther and HBO’s The Wire.

Interestingly, film rights to to Dhand’s thriller have been snaffled by FilmWave, the producers behind the recent adaptation of JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy for the BBC and HBO.

FilmWave bought rights to Streets of Darkness, the first book in a projected series, the first of which is out in June. Dhand’s book has previously been described by its UK editor as “doing for Bradford what The Wire did for Baltimore”. Streets of Darkness will be published in June in the UK.

The Bookseller quote Dhand – who still works as a pharmacist in the city – as saying: “Having written Streets of Darkness with a cinematic feel, I was thrilled with the competitive level of TV interest. When the team from Filmwave came up to Bradford to seal the deal I was blown away by their passion and I am convinced their creative vision will perfectly transfer the drama, pace and twists of the novel from print to screen.”




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