The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 6th – Sunday 12th June)

Anthony_Horowitz_s_New_Blood___a_fast_paced_crime_show_for_a_new_generationWe’re all about The Disappearance here on The Killing Times at the moment, but there’s other new stuff this week. Enjoyable Danish series, Dicte, continues, while Anthony Horowitz’s glossy new cop show, New Blood, starts on BBC1. There’s also a proper series for Agatha Raisin and the series finale of Peaky Blinders, too.

1 The Disappearance *UK PREMIERE EPISODES*
Lea’s body is found in Miribel lake, finally bringing some closure for the distraught Morel family. However, as preparations are made for the funeral, Julien becomes obsessed with identifying everyone who was at her birthday party – and succeeds in finding someone who should not be there.
Saturday 11th June, 9pm, BBC4

Dicte discovers a torched car in her neighbour’s driveway, while inside the property, a woman appears to have committed suicide. But as the journalist investigates further, all is not as it seems, and she uncovers a secret world of religious beliefs and a shocking family history. She focuses her efforts on finding the neighbour’s missing daughter, while the police concentrate on a local student, but the case takes an unexpected turn.
Friday 10th June, 9pm, More4

Thomas Shelby finds himself in a seemingly impossible situation. Has his criminal life finally caught up with the Birmingham-based mobster? Tommy prepares to commit the most audacious crime of his career, only to receive an unexpected blow that puts him under unbearable pressure. In a nerve-shredding race against time, Tommy is forced to confront hard truths about himself and his family that could change the Peaky Blinders for ever. As he faces his worst fears he needs help more than ever – but is increasingly uncertain about who he can trust.
Thursday 9th June, 9pm, BBC2

Six years after a sinister drugs trial in India, one of the participants is found dead – and although it is ruled as suicide, eager young PC Rash Sayyad is sure it’s murder, impressing DS Sands so much that he offers him a trainee detective position. But as they begin to follow up on the junior cop’s suspicions, Serious Fraud Office investigator Stefan Kowolski is gathering intelligence on a hospital pharmacist – eventually drawing him into the same case.
Thursday 9th June, 9pm, BBC1

A walker is found dead on a local baronet’s land soon after he declares war on her rambling group for trespassing on his land. Eager to solve the crime, Agatha convinces James that they should pose as a married couple and go undercover in the victim’s walking group.
Tuesday 7th June, 9pm, Sky1

Marinella is distraught to hear that Raffaele is getting out of prison. Ciro calls a meeting to divide the turf, but not everybody is happy with their cut.
Wednesday 8th June, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Strange brings Fish Mooney back from the dead and finds she has retained her memories, unlike the other villains he has resurrected. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bruce are certain that the Arkham Asylum psychologist arranged the murder of the Wayne heir’s parents and set in motion a plan to reveal Strange’s work to the world, and hopefully rescue young Selina Kyle at the same time.
Monday 6th June, 10pm, Channel 5

8 Endeavour
Series one. When a respectable GP is found dead in a public lavatory, the young Inspector Morse’s outlandish theories see him relegated to general duties by the newly arrived Chief Superintendent Bright. Humiliated and humbled, Endeavour has to investigate from the sidelines, but it’s not long before he’s questioning DI Fred Thursday’s orders and risking his career to avert a family tragedy.
Thursday 9th June, 8pm, ITV3

9 The Lives Of Harry Lime
Harry Lime, the charming villain, the man who observed that 500 years of democracy and peace in Switzerland had only produced the cuckoo clock, was memorably chased by the police through the sewers of Vienna. A total of 16 episodes of The Lives Of Harry Lime went out on the BBC Light Programme in 1951 and 1952, but the series was produced by Harry Alan Towers’ Towers of London Limited. In the first episode, The Third Woman, Harry is borrowed by British Intelligence for a dangerous espionage mission.
Monday 6th June, 6am, BBC Radio 4 Extra

10 Death In Paradise
A chance to watch this series from the beginning. A British cop is murdered on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie, and the local commissioner declares another officer from the UK must be flown over to lead the investigation. Enter DI Richard Poole, a brilliant detective with a unique approach to cracking crime, and just the man to solve the mystery of his colleague’s death. The only problem is, he is totally unsuited to a life of sun, sea and sand – and worse still, it seems his boss back home wants him to stay there.
Tuesday 7th June, 9pm, Alibi



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