The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 13th – Sunday 19th June)

disparue1With the (real) Euro 2016 football dominating the schedules throughout this month (and with Wimbledon and the Olympics just around the corner) it’s safe to say that there’s a paucity of big, new drama, let alone crime drama. However, there is some fun to be had – the finale of the addictive The Disappearance is next Saturday, and there’s a new series of the glossy Chicago PD if that’s your thing.

1 The Disappearance *UK PREMIERE EPISODES*
The man who bought the pendant found in Lea Morel’s `grave’ is found, but he reveals he has an alibi for the night of the murder.
Saturday 18th June, 9pm, BBC4

A newborn boy is discovered dead from hypothermia and dehydration. Dicte is convinced that religious fanaticism and family pressure are responsible and decides to investigate, ignoring warnings about jumping to conclusions. When the trail goes cold, Wagner allows her to take part in his investigation and Dicte seeks to provide him with a missing piece of the puzzle. However, in doing so, she must revisit a desperate deed from the past that she has tried hard to bury.
Friday 17th June, 9pm, More4

Rash shows the India photo to Sands and persuades him that a visit to the funeral for one of the victims might lead them to other people in the group. His instinct pays off again when Bruce Lockwood shows up, revealing that the group met in Mumbai during a drug-trial run by British company Greenfern, overseen by David Leese. Meanwhile, Stefan has his drink spiked while pretending to be Leese at a party, stumbling outside and into the path of a truck while hallucinating.
Thursday 16th June, 9pm, BBC1

Bell-ringer Amanda Ballard is found hanged in the belfry with a suicide note left beside her, but Agatha is not convinced she took her own life and enlists a reluctant Roy to help her research the case. They soon find that many villagers had a motive for murder,and as Agatha’s investigation takes her back to London, she discovers that Amanda was leading a double life.
Tuesday 14th June, 9pm, Sky1

While a shape-shifting imposter leads his partner Bullock away, Jim Gordon is strapped to a chair in the bowels of Indian Hill – where Hugo Strange injects the detective with a truth serum and encourages him to open up about his deepest feelings. In another room, Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox are at the mercy of Edward Nygma, who pelts them with riddles they must solve to survive.
Monday 13th June, 10pm, Channel 5

The Chicago Fire spin-off returns. Dawson tries to talk down a woman threatening to throw herself off a building, and a drug dealer takes Jay hostage.
Thursday 16th June, 9pm, 5USA

7 A Mother’s Son
First of a two-part drama, starring Hermione Norris, Martin Clunes, Paul McGann and Alexander Arnold. The murder of a schoolgirl rocks the residents of a quiet coastal town in Suffolk, and when Rosie stumbles upon a pair of bloodstained trainers hidden in her home, she suspects someone in her family may have been involved in the killing. With her son Jamie and stepson Rob both acting suspiciously, could she be right?
Tuesday 14th June, 10pm, ITV3

8 Endeavour
We go back to the start of series two for a Saturday-night filler. Shaun Evans returns as the young Inspector Morse in the first of four feature-length episodes. A baffling suicide, an anguished father searching for his missing daughter and the smash-and-grab robbery of medieval artefacts throw the detective in at the deep end as he resumes his role with Oxford City Police following a four-month absence from duty. As the locals go to the polls in a closely fought by-election and a beauty contest builds to its conclusion, Endeavour must navigate the choppy waters of both worlds as his investigation shakes the highest pillars of Oxford society.
Saturday 18th June, 8pm, ITV

9 Scott And Bailey
Lesley Sharp and Suranne Jones return in series three. Called to the home of an elderly couple who haven’t been seen for a while, Janet discovers Eunice Bevan’s severed head at the bottom of the stairs, her body at the top, and her husband Joe in bed, emaciated and barely able to speak. Meanwhile, the detective puts her house on the market, admitting her relationship with Ade is over, and three months in to Rachel’s marriage to traffic cop Sean, she’s starting to feel a little claustrophobic.
Friday 17th June, 9pm, ITV Encore

10 Whitechapel
Another chance to this daft but enjoyable crime drama from the start. Rupert Penry-Jones stars as Joseph Chandler, a detective hunting a modern-day serial killer mirroring the crimes of Jack the Ripper. An expert on the Victorian murderer claims a copycat is on the loose following the mysterious death of a woman in the East End, and although at first sceptical, Chandler decides to launch a major operation to stake out the area where the notorious criminal killed his second victim.
Monday 13th June, 9pm, ITV Encore


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