The Killing Times’ Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: Happy Valley (England) v Love/Hate (Ireland)


EURO2016We’re two games into our Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama, and it’s going with script so far. The two seeded team who have played – Spiral (FRA) and The Bridge (SWE) – have both won convincingly, but now it’s the turn of another seeded team, England’s Happy Valley. They’re paired with Ireland’s Love/Hate in today’s fixture. It could be tasty.

Let’s just recap yesterday’s game, where Sweden’s The Bridge took on Germany’s Cenk Batu. Not surprisingly, it was a run-away victory for the Swedish favourite and a nice way for it to start the tournament.

The final result:

The Bridge (SWE) 94%
Cen Batu (GER) 6%

That leaves the Group B table looking like this:

The Bridge (P1 W1 L0 POINTS 3 WM +88%)
Cenk Batu (P1 W0 L1 POINTS 0)
Hinterland (P0 W0 L0 POINTS 0)
Shetland (P0 W0 L0 POINTS 0)

Now onto today’s game. It’s always exciting when the home nations face off (we consider Ireland a home nation, of sorts), and here we have England’s Happy Valley play Ireland’s Love/Hate. Let’s look at the form guide:

Form guide: 
A tricky selection this, with plenty of others showing strong form and pushing their case for representation (Line Of Duty can feel particularly hard done by, for instance). In the end, Sally Wainwright’s tale of northern noir won out. It features a strong central striker in Cawood – an old-fashioned number-nine targetwoman, if you like – who likes to out it about a bit and get results anyway she can. More often than not she achieves what she sets out to do, thanks to a bloody-minded streak. It’s not just Cawood though – there’s an impressive supporting cast, especially Cawood’s sister Clare Cartwright. Happy Valley will be relying on this familial relationship to score points on the field.


Form guide:
This tale of Dublin’s criminal underworld has a strong team ethic – the gang at the centre of it has spark, wit and flair and while not a big name it could cause a shock or two. With Love/Hate it’s a case of whether Aiden Gillan’s John Boy and Robert Sheehan’s Darren Treacy and co can stick together long enough before it all falls apart.




Let’s vote on this Group C match!



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