Filming begins on season two of ITV’s Unforgotten; reveals plotlines

MAINSTREET PICTURES FOR ITV UNFORGOTTEN EPISODE 1 Pictured : NICOLA WALKER as DCI Cassie Stuart and SANJEEV BHASKAR as DS Sunil Khan. Photographer: JOHN ROGERS This image is the copyright of ITV and must be credited. The images are for one use only and to be used in relation to UNFORGOTTEN, any further usage could incur a fee.
Photographer: JOHN ROGERS

ITV’s Unforgotten was one of the hits of last year, rated by both critics and viewers alike. It was placed number seven in our best crime dramas of the year list, which obviously was its most glittering accolade. The series, starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar (among others) was always set to return, but now ITV has revealed details of plotlines for the second run as well as cast additions.

This is what ITV Has to say about it:

The second series will feature a brand new story from creator and writer Chris Lang who once again explores the fallout from the investigation into an historic murder case.

The second series will feature a brand new story from creator and writer Chris Lang who once again explores the fallout from the investigation into an historic murder case.

The story begins with the discovery of a body.  This time the perfectly preserved remains of a middle aged man found in a sealed suitcase in the silt of the River Lea in northeast London.  As Cassie and Sunny begin the complicated task of trying to identify the victim, we will meet four unconnected people who we suspect are linked in some way to the victim.

The dead man turns out to be David Walker who disappeared in 1990 and left behind a wife, who has since remarried, and her son who is now in his early 30s.  Their story will run across six episodes and will draw upon very current themes and jeopardy.

As the investigation progresses, we’re introduced to Brighton based lawyer Colin Osborne, paediatric nurse Marion Kelly, school teacher Sara Hamoud and DI Tessa Nixon, the victim’s wife, a respected police officer months away from retirement.

The complex and emotional plot takes us across the country to the Cotswolds, East London, Salisbury and the South Downs.  It is directed once again by Andy Wilson (Ripper Street, Endeavour, Poirot), produced by Tim Bradley (Death in Paradise, Primeval) who was also responsible for the first series of Unforgotten and executive produced by Sally Haynes (HIM, Unforgotten, Bleak House), Laura Mackie (HIM, Unforgotten, Cutting It) on behalf of Mainstreet Pictures.  Creator and writer Chris Lang is also an Executive Producer.

In terms of cast, Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar will be joined by Mark Bonnar, Rosie Cavaliero, Lorraine Ashbourne, Badria Timimi, Charlie Condou, Holly Aird, Nigel Lindsay, Peter Egan and Wendy Craig.

ITV says this second series will continue to explore some of the themes of the first series, but the primary theme will be our society’s relationship with evil. When exactly does a good person start becoming defined by society as a bad person, and at what point in their life does a damaged child stop being exempted for their crimes allowing us to simply label them evil.

Unforgotten writer, creator and Executive Producer Chris Lang said:  “I am so excited to be making second season of Unforgotten. Once again we have managed to assemble a jaw dropping cast, alongside a hugely talented production team, and I cannot wait to see the stories I have created, start to come to life on screen.”



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Matthew says:

    I always thought the first series was quite forgettable but will still watch anyway.


  2. We’re too used to overwrought, torrid scripts like the overrated Broadchurch and style-over-substance series such as The Interceptor, which was an absurd cartoon.
    The storyline of Unforgotten could have been overheated – but it wasn’t. The characters – especially the leads played by Sanjeev Bhaskar and Nicola Walker were deftly played – no silly good cop, bad cop clichés. I think I wrote at the time that anyone who got arrested should hope to be detained by police officers just like them.


  3. Patricia Cox says:

    Nicola Walker is a terrific and talented actress – I’ll watch anything she’s a part of. Good to see Sanjeev Bhaskar again, too. Happy to hear there is a second series!


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