Christopher Eccleston out of Safe House; season two to be rewritten


Jp8B6Earlier this year ITV released plotlines for series two of Safe House – the Christopher Eccleston-starring thriller centering around a B&B in the Lake District that double up as a sanctuary for people on the run. Series one scored well in the ratings, but not so much critically. Still, the hope was that series two would improve and develop, like all good series. But hold on there… news emerged that series two has suddenly found itself without a cast and is to be completely rewritten.

Various news outlets reported that the show is now being completely redeveloped, with a new cast set to join and a move in location.

This, from The Radio Times:

The former Doctor Who star, who is understood to have begun pre-production work on the new series, will no longer be in the drama for reasons which ITV sources say are “confidential”.

Work is understood to have got underway for the second run of the show which is now being “stood down” adds the source.

The production is now moving from The Lake District to Wales, added the ITV insider, with new scripts now being written for a new lead cast for series two.

Interesting stuff. Confidential? Was there a falling out between Eccleston and the show’s production team? As good an actor as Eccleston is he’s one for not overstaying his welcome and tends to take off at the first signs of disharmony or creative differences.

We’ll see how this one pans out, but don’t expect to see Safe House any time soon.


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