Walter Presents confirms transmission date for Polish crime drama The Border


The-Border-300x161Walter Presents has been a very welcome addition to the outlets through which you can watch crime drama, providing us with an online portal that hosts shows from all over the globe. I’ve watched a few of them (Pure Evil, from Argentina, being my favourite so far), and now it has confirmed the transmission date of its latest global drama – from Poland, The Border.

The Border is billed as the first Polish drama to hit UK shores.

The series follows a border guard unit specialising in detecting human-traffickers on the extreme border of the EU between Poland and Ukraine who becomes the target of a devastating bomb attack. The Captain, Rebrow is the only survivor. Injured and shattered at the loss of his friends and girlfriend, and suspected of masterminding the tragedy himself, he becomes desperate to clear his name and find out who is responsible and secretly begins his own investigation.

All sounds meaty, interesting and, with all the Bexit discussions, very timely.

You can watch The Border from Tuesday 21st June on Walter Presents.


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