The Killing Times’ Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: Hinterland (Wales) v Shetland (Scotland)


EURO2016So far in the Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama, all the big favourites have scored resounding victories. Today we return to Group B (the home of Spiral and The Fall, no less) for a really tasty-looking fixture between Wales’ Hinterland and Scotland’s Shetland. Yes, it’s a battle between two Celtic countries and a battle that’s too close to call.

Before we get to today’s game, let’s look back at yesterday’s game in Group A. Iceland’s Trapped made its first appearance in the tournament (mirroring the national football team’s first appearance in the Euros) and it scored a huge victory over Norway’s Mammon.

Trapped 99%
Mammon 1%

That means the Group A table looks like this:

Trapped (P1 W1 L0 POINTS 3 WM +98%)
Spiral (P1 W1 L0 POINTS 3 WM +28%)
The Fall (P1 W0 L1 POINTS 0)
Mammon (P1 W0 L1 POINTS 0)

That means Trapped goes to the top of Group A on winning margin differential.

Now then, today’s game. Here’s the form guide:

Form guide: Unseeded but a big threat, Hinterland relies on the brooding force that is Tom Mathias. Mathias has high fitness levels thanks to an unforgiving regime that includes running for miles along cliff tops on his own. Currently homeless, Mathias – who’s backed by a strong team – will be playing with a chip on his shoulder. We’re expecting Hinterland to challenge the seeded teams, but reports of unrest inside the camp – especially between Mathias and burly centreback Brian Prosser – may affect its chances.




Form guide: Ann Cleeves’ Shetland stories received a strong adaptation (if not scheduling from the BBC) and its star striker is Jimmy Perez, who leads a tight-knit team around him. Some members of the press have questioned whether Perez is too nice to do it on the big stage, but we’re backing Perez to be one of the stars of the tournament if he can find his killer instinct.





This one is too tight to call, so make sure you VOTE NOW!


For all results and fixtures go here


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