Ashley Pharoah: Never say never to Life On Mars reunion


624Life On Mars was one of my favourite shows from the Noughties. It told the tale of a young, modern-day police officer called Sam Tyler who was mowed down in a car accident. He then ‘woke up’ in the year 1973, and went to work for the Manchester police, his modern ways clashing with the unreconstructed methods of the chief, Gene Hunt. All the while he received cryptic messages from the future. Was he dead and in some sort of purgatory loop? Or was he in a coma and the 1973 a subconscious construct. In the end we found out thanks to the inferior follow-up series, Ashes To Ashes, but now there’s talk of bringing it back. Kind of.

Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes co-creator Ashley Pharoah has been promoting his new, 19th century ghost series The Living And The Dead and, while talking to Digital Spy, things turned to Life On Mars.

This is what he said:

But we always thought we were going to do three series of Life on Mars – and then it became two. I always wanted to do a Christmas special, with Morecambe and Wise and Mud… so never say never, I suppose.

Apparently it was John Simm who put the kibosh on a third series, a decision, according to Digital Spy, he regrets. So perhaps there is room for a one-off or a Christmas special or something of that nature. If its anything like this, I’d be more than happy to welcome it back:


5 thoughts on “Ashley Pharoah: Never say never to Life On Mars reunion

    • Seija

      Yes, I know, Mike. The idea of a Russian version of LonM is mesmerizing but it actually worked. It was a whole new show, in a way, with some really good humour.


  1. Seija

    For those curious, I noticed that the episodes of Dark Side of the Moon Series 1, the Russian version of Life On Mars are now on Youtube with English subs. They can be found with search words ‘Russian Dark Side of the Moon with English subs’, for example.


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