The Killing Times’ Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: Spiral (France) v Trapped (Iceland)


EURO2016After yesterday’s battle of the minnows – The Lens versus Falcón – it’s time to go back to Group A (the group of death, no less) to look in on a fixture that gets the pulses racing again. Seeded team Spiral won convincingly in its opening game, as did Trapped. Both are tipped for the top in this tournament, so we can definitely say that this is a clash of the giants.

Yesterday’s Group D game was a close one. It remained tit-for-tat for a long time, but in the end the Czech Republic’s The Lens prevailed:

The Lens 65%
Falcón 35%

That means Group D is looking like this:

The Killing (P1 W1 L0 POINTS 3 WM +92%)
The Lens (P1 W1 L0 POINTS 3 WM +35%)
10 (P1 W0 L1 POINTS 0)

Falcón (P1 W0 L1 POINTS 0)

And so onto today’s game, where Spiral takes on Trapped. It’s a biggie.

Form guide: Out of all the teams in the tournament, Gallic series Spiral boasts arguably the best team. It’s led by the indestructible Laure Berthaud, and backed up by the faithful Gilou Escoffier, the wily Francois Roban and the dazzling Joséphine Karlsson. Sadly, Pierre Clémont is unavailable for selection for this tournament (and all future tournaments).





Form guide:
This newcomer has really burst onto the scene this year with some eye-catching and breathtaking performances in qualifying. A strong central partnership between the hulking Andri Olafsson (surely a physical match for anyone) and Hinrika Kristjánsdóttir (driven and skilful) make this show one to watch. If there’s a weak spot in the team it’s Ásgeir Þórarinsson, who occasionally suffers from lapses in concentration. Still, Trapped’s players have been schooled in fierce, harsh conditions and Olafsson’s physical presence alone, allied to the guile and determination of Kristjánsdóttir, might make them one to watch.


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For all results and fixtures, go here


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