The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 20th – Sunday 26th June)


IbenHjejleDicteFotografPerArnesenWe’ve hit a bit of an impasse now The Disappearance has ended. There are things on, there always will be, but it feels like there’s a bit of a summer pause being taken (especially as major sporting events take place across the world and suck up most prime-time transmission slots). Still, with the engaging Dicte and the first ever series from Poland being broadcast this week, there’s still some stuff on.

The body of a young man is found naked with his eyes gouged out. Tipped off by Peter, a prison inmate, that the murder may be connected with organ trafficking, Dicte digs further. After tracking down the seller of the illegally obtained organs, she poses as the mother of the murder victim and uncovers a case of blackmail and embezzlement.
Friday 24th June, 9pm, More4

A border guard unit hunting people traffickers in the mountains is the target of a bomb attack. The only survivor sets out to find those responsible in this haunting, topical Polish thriller.
From Tuesday 21st June, 10pm, Channel 4

Rash is convinced of murder suspect Henry’s innocence and asks Stefan to help him prove it. Together they re-interview one of the surviving guinea pigs from the drug trial and also talk to Leese – with the threat that complaints have been made against him. But when the junior officers’ bosses hear they have been carrying out unauthorised interviews, their jobs are soon hanging in the balance.
Thursday 23rd June, 9pm, BBC1

Parish council chairman Robert Strutters is found dead in Carsley’s spring shortly before a vote over whether to allow a mineral water company access to the water. James decides to investigate with new girlfriend Mary Fortune, pushing a jealous Agatha falls into the arms of suave bottled water boss Guy Freemont. When a second body is found in the village, Agatha’s competitive streak emerges and she enlists Gemma’s help to find the killer before James and Mary.
Tuesday 23rd June, 9pm, Sky1

Alice suspects there are threats from within as well as out this week when she fears there may be a mole in her organisation. Not knowing who to trust, she takes matters into her own hands – just as a new case comes in involving some compromising pictures of a long-standing political client. Meanwhile, Ben is also feeling the pressure as his benefactor loses patience with him and sends him on a jewellery heist in order to recoup his debt. Can the slick con-man charm his way out of this one?
Thursday 23rd June, 9pm, Sky Living

6 The Bletchley Circle
Drama set in 1952, following four fictional women whose extraordinary work at Bletchley Park during the Second World War helped break codes used by the German military. Susan, Millie, Jean and Lucy have returned to their normal lives, but when Susan identifies a hidden pattern in a series of murders, she enlists the help of her former colleagues to crack the case.
Sunday 26th June, 9pm, ITV3

7 Inspector George Gently
An elderly man is killed in his dilapidated mansion, prompting Gently and Bacchus to delve into the building’s past as a children’s home. They soon have their prime suspect – a man who once lived there – but it becomes clear that some of the locals, including property developer Cora Davidson, have something to hide.
Friday 24th June, 9pm, Alibi

The cops set out on the trail of a kidnapper and killer targeting young children, and before long they find themselves investigating a that stretches back 20 years.
Thursday 23rd June, 10pm, 5USA

9 The Jury
There was a great cast (including Julie Walters) for this tense thriller. The lives of 12 people are turned upside down when they are summoned for jury duty in a controversial murder retrial. New evidence has come to light calling into question the conviction of Alan Lane, who was found guilty almost five years previously of killing three women he met on the internet.
Monday 20th June, 10pm, ITV3

The NATS are given a training exercise that hits too close to home for Shelby, while Alex finds an unlikely ally in Hannah in her efforts stop the terrorist from striking again.
Thursday 23rd June, 9pm, Alibi


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