Hans Rosenfeldt: Season four of The Bridge will feature “most disturbing opening scene yet”

Programme Name: The Bridge - TX: n/a - Episode: The Bridge - series 3 - ep 1 (No. 1) - Picture Shows:  Saga Norén (SOFIA HELIN) - (C) Carolina Romare - Photographer: Carolina Romare

(C) Carolina Romare – Photographer: Carolina Romare

Yes, we love The Bridge and we love news about The Bridge, ever since creator Hans Rosenfeldt announced that a fourth series WOULD be happening. In fact, Rosenfeldt, despite no confirmation from Swedish broadcaster SVT, has been blabbing all kinds of potential information to the press, especially when he was doing press for his ITV series, Marcella. So today, while also promoting Marcella again (this time for its DVD release), Rosenfeldt was at it again.

We last heard from Rosenfeldt when he told the world that the new, fourth series would be set at Halloween, which got us intrigued. Now, today, he told The Huffington Post:

There was a rumour – started by me, accidentally, because I mentioned it by mistake – that the fourth series would be starting at Halloween. But we’ve actually changed that now. I think we’ve come up with possibly the most disturbing opening scene ever.

So that’s then – series four won’t be set at Halloween, but will feature possibly the most disturbing scene ever. And we thought that the hanging scenes at the end of series three were some of the show’s most disturbing scenes ever!

We await more news with bated breath…

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2 thoughts on “Hans Rosenfeldt: Season four of The Bridge will feature “most disturbing opening scene yet”

  1. Charlotte Carling

    Hans Rosenfeldt on July 27th to SVT morning show Gomorron Sverige:

    “We are writing series 4 right now. I don’t think there is an official decision from everyone involved yet. Everyone hasn’t come together for a joint press release but we are working as if there will be a [new series] anyway.”

    “If everything falls into place and we are given the go ahead we will start recording sometime late this autumn so [it would be broadcast] late autumn ’17 or spring ’18 maybe.”

    (Source: last minute of this clip http://www.svtplay.se/klipp/9701442/hans-rosenfeldt-om-netflix-serien-marcella-och-framtiden-for-bron?info=visa )


  2. Charlotte Carling

    Today it was officially confirmed by SVT that, being pleased with the material they have seen so far, they have commissioned series 4 of The Bridge.

    The 8 episodes are to be broadcast in 2018. The new series will not pick up exactly where the last one left off but the main characters will be there in the build up to/beginning of series 4, according to Christian Wikander of SVT.

    (Source: http://www.svt.se/bron/det-blir-en-ny-sasong-av-bron-det-kanns-valdigt-lovande )


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