ITV orders second season of The Frankenstein Chronicles

the_frankenstein_chroniclesLast year’s The Frankenstein Chronicles was one of the more under-the-radar successes of the crime drama year, mainly because it was stuck out on subscription Sky channel, ITV Encore. Which was a shame, because it deserved to be seen by much more people. It starred Sean Bean as a tormented river policeman in late Georgian London who got himself involved with Mary Shelley and her Frankenstein story. It was good, grimy stuff, and now the news reaches us that ITV has recommissioned the series for a second run.

Production of the new series, created by Emmy-nominated director and writer Benjamin Ross, is set to begin in Northern Ireland in January 2017 and will be executive produced by Tracey Scoffield and produced by David Tanner for Rainmark Films. Sean Bean will also executive produce the new series.

“We are thrilled to be working once more with Sean Bean in the role of John Marlott, who is a returning hero like no other,” said Executive Producer, Tracey Scoffield.  “With the continued support of ITV and Endemol Shine International we want to be more ambitious than ever with Season 2.”

Billed as a thrilling and terrifying reimaging of the Frankenstein story, the series introduced an extraordinary hero as its central character, John Marlott, a veteran of the Battle of Waterloo, who was battling his own demons and haunted by the loss of his wife and child. In pursuit of a chilling and diabolical killer, Marlott’s investigation took him into the most exalted rooms and darkest corners of Georgian London, a world of body snatchers, anatomists and scientists whose interests and ambitions came together in the market for dead bodies.

As Marlott investigated, it brought him up against the medical establishment and powerful political forces wrestling with the march of scientific progress. One thing was for certain – a demonic power was clearly at work in the city, attempting to reanimate the dead in a curious parody of the celebrated novel. 

More news as we get it.

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