The Killing Times’ Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: The Fall (Northern Ireland) v Mammon (Norway)

EURO2016You’ll be very glad to know that we’re half-way through the group stages of the inaugural Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama. There are ‘only’ 12 more fixtures in these group phases (I can almost hear the exhales of relief across the blogosphere), so now we start the descent by going back to Group A to see another strong team in action – Northern Ireland’s The Fall – who we haven;t seen since the opening day of the tournament.

Before we get to all that, a quick recap on yesterday’s rather one-sided affair. It’s no disgrace to lose to The Killing and the Czech Republic’s The Lens’ battle to get into the quarter-final will hinge on other matches. It was, however, a one-sided affair:

The Killing 94%
The Lens 6%

With that resounding victory, Group D is looking like this:

The Killing (P2 W1 L0 POINTS 6 WM +180%)
The Lens (P2 W1 L1 POINTS 3 WM +35%)
10 (P1 W0 L1 POINTS 0)

Falcón (P1 W0 L1 POINTS 0)

So now we come to today’s Group A game:

Form guide: Another strong unseeded contender, The Fall’s central duo of Stella Gibson and Paul Spector are often on opposite sides of the coin, but if they can gel when the tournament comes around they will pose a real threat. Both are ruthless, almost to the point of emotionless, but their weakness is that they’re not team players – they both seem more interested in each other rather than contributing to a collective.




Form guide:
An interesting selection, Mammon’s star striker – journalist Peter Verås – should cause problems with his tenacity, but don’t expect Mammon to get past the group stages.






So who’s it going to be? VOTE NOW!


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