The Disappearance racks up record viewing figures on BBC4; is released on DVD in July

The Disappearance_2D_DVDWe all know that French series The Disappearance was this year’s best pure whodunit so far, and that was reflected in its ratings on BBC4 – behind Trapped and The Young Montalbano, The Disappearance was the third most-watched drama on the channel this year, and number one with young adults. No mean feat that. I bloody loved it – it was full of interesting and likeable characters, solid structure, superb acting and a twisty-turny plot that kept us guessing until (almost) the very last. What’s more, the series is being released on DVD and it’s not long until it’s available to buy.

Crime drama has often been the preserve of an older audience, but The Disappearance became BBC Four’s number one drama for young adults on Saturday evenings. With a 1.4 per cent share for the 16-34 Adults the drama attracted nearly three times more young viewers than the usual benchmark for this demographic. 70 per cent of young adults watched the series on catch up, too.

So that was nice for all concerned.

Nordic Noir & Beyond is releasing the DVD on Monday 4th July (both regular and Blu-Ray) and, lest we forget, the series told the story of the Morel family. Julien and Florence Morel find themselves in every parent’s worst nightmare when their daughter Léa, a promising straight A-student, goes missing after attending Lyon’s Festival of Music. From then on, they are propelled into the vortex of not just a missing person’s investigation but soon a murder investigation.

Here’s a trailer:

THE DISAPPEARANCE is released on DVD & Blu-Ray Monday 4th July by Nordic Noir & Beyond.


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