The Killing Times’ Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: Love/Hate (Ireland) v Salamander (Belgium)

EURO2016It seems odd doing something a bit frivolous today of all days, but the Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama stops for no person. Yesterday we saw Shetland continue its fine form with an emphatic victory against Germany’s Cenk Batu. Now we hop into Group C, where Ireland’s Love/Hate and Belgiums Salamander do battle.

So this is what happened yesterday. A resounding victory for the Scots.

Shetland 92%
Cenk Batu 8%

That means Group B now looks like this:

The Bridge (P2 W2 L0 POINTS 6 WM +151%)
Shetland (P2 W2 L0 POINTS 6 WM +107%)
Hinterland (P2 W0 L2 POINTS 0 )
Cenk Batu (P1 W0 L1 POINTS 0)

So, onto today’s game.

Form guide:
This tale of Dublin’s criminal underworld has a strong team ethic – the gang at the centre of it has spark, wit and flair and while not a big name it could cause a shock or two. With Love/Hate it’s a case of whether Aiden Gillan’s John Boy and Robert Sheehan’s Darren Treacy and co can stick together long enough before it all falls apart.





Form guide:
Paul Gerardi is a real throwback to the 1980s golden age of sporting tournaments – all tight perms and beards – and we reckon if he was a footballer he’d wear the type of shorts that would leave nothing to the imagination. His unconventional (and some might argue reckless) approaches to investigation mark him out as one to watch, but he’s a loner and doesn’t offer a depth of squad.







For all Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama stuff, go here


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