The Killing Times’ Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: The Bridge (Sweden) v Shetland (Scotland)

EURO2016So we trundle on in the Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama, and yesterday Spiral eased through a tough group top of the table and unbeaten. Now we move onto Group B, where there’s a tasty fixture in the offing: Sweden’s The Bridge takes on Scotland’s Shetland. Could there be the tournament’s first big upset on the cards?

As per, let’s have a quick look at the result from yesterday:

Spiral 88%
Mammon 12%

That means Group A looks like this:

Spiral (P3 W2 L0 POINTS 9 WM +109%)
Trapped (P2 W1 L1 POINTS 3 WM +98%)
The Fall (P2 W1 L1 POINTS 3 WM +46%)
Mammon (P3 W0 L2 POINTS 0)

And so onto today’s game. While The Bridge is seen as a big favourite, Shetland has performed well so far.

Form guide:
 One of the favourites, The Bridge caused controversy because of deciding to represnt Sweden, despite its heavy Danish connections. This team features one of Europe’s most dangerous strikers. Saga Norén has an intensity and instinct that makes her hard to stop, and she forms an irresistible partnership with Martin Rohde (who caused yet more controversy when he decided to represent Sweden for this tournament, despite actually being Danish), while out on the wing newcomer Henrik Sabroe provides a fresh take on things. John Lundqvist in the middle of the park is dangerous, too. The big question mark is whether Rohde, who has been out of action for a year, will make the team in time.


Form guide: Ann Cleeves’ Shetland stories received a strong adaptation (if not scheduling from the BBC) and its star striker is Jimmy Perez, who leads a tight-knit team around him. Some members of the press have questioned whether Perez is too nice to do it on the big stage, but we’re backing Perez to be one of the stars of the tournament if he can find his killer instinct.





So who’s it going to be? VOTE NOW!


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